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How to Keep Warm Bathrooms in Winter

That time of the year is coming when you want to keep warm bathrooms at their warmest. Anyone who knows the crisp winter chill will want to get a cup of hot chocolate, dash into a pub with a fireplace, or dive into a hot bowl of soup on any winter day. But surely you can’t do those while taking a shower, so we’re giving some ideas for you to keep your toes toasty and enjoy your trips to the bathroom even during winter.

undertile heating keeps toasty toes on bathroom floor

Warm Your Towels With Heated Towel Rails

First off, purchase a heated towel rack that will suit your bathroom. Heated towel rails can warm up your towels on a cold morning, whether you pick horizontal towel ladders, vertical towel rods, or freestanding heated towel rails. Of course, they are not designed to heat the room, but warm fluffy towels really complete the warm environment — making your bathroom experience luxurious!

(Read our Tips For Choosing A Heated Towel Rail to get the one that's just right for your bathroom.)

towel warmer

Other Ways to Warm Up Your Bathroom

There are a few other things you can do to prepare so that you won’t dread getting into the bathroom on cold winter mornings.

STOP DRAFTS. Inspect around your house (including the bathroom, of course) for gaps around the ceilings and doors where drafts get through. Then step out to your friendly neighbourhood hardware store, grab some self-stick rubber weather sealing strips, and stick them into those gaps.

DOORS AND WINDOWS. For doors, you could also consider using door snakes (or draft snakes) that properly fit. For windows, try some window insulation kits for your window frames or install cellular shades that let you control the amount of heat (and light) that gets into the room. Others suggest putting up layered curtains to help to keep the heat inside, or adding lots of rugs.

underfloor heating for modern bathroom

BATHTUBS. If you are about to upgrade your bath, think of getting one made of a material that helps to keep the bathwater warm like soapstone, limestone, brass, or copper. The water will still get colder of course, but much slower.

STEAM OR SAUNA? If it’s within your budget, get a steam generating system that can be installed in any shower stall, or order a self-assemble home sauna. But if you crave for pleasures that only real showers and baths can give, even during winter, it could be time for you to install heated flooring.


Best Way to Heat Bathrooms: Underfloor Heating

The best way for some to heat their bathrooms is by installing electric under-tile heating. These allow you to step barefoot in the bathroom and enjoy luxuriously warm tiled floors on an icy winter’s day.

UNIFORM WARMTH. Some people install other heating solutions not realising that under-floor heating can actually heat a room and not just the floor. Compared to ducted heating, which will give you a temperature difference of up to 12 degrees between the floor and the ceiling, under tile heating heats evenly from your floor to your ceiling.

Traditional heating can warm you at head height, but the floor will remain cold and it walking barefoot will not be comfortable at all. On the other hand, undertile heating can be your entire heating solution, or you can install it to complement your other heating systems.

under tile heating installation

Undertile Heating is Simple to Install

This is perfect for a DIY project! Many under-tile heating kits can be installed almost entirely by yourself. (Of course, you will later need a licensed electrician to do the last step of connecting the thermostat to the power source.)

Installing underfloor heating can be as easy as priming your floor surface and simply coiling the heating element wire around your floor area and taping them down into place.

Tapes, wires, and everything that you will need to set up undertile heating will be included in a DIY kit.undertile heating diy kit

Bathroom Heating Solution That’s Cheap to Run

Get an under-floor heating kit that’s inexpensive to operate, as these systems have low watt usage. A Hotwire system, for instance, will cost you only about 2 cents per square metre per hour for an average room size and power costs.

While a heat lamp, for example, can also heat portions of your bathroom, it uses 1,500 watts and will cost you $36.27 monthly. An efficient underfloor heating system will consume 600 watts and cost $9.92 per month, giving you 75% savings compared to a heat lamp.

Quiet & Invisible Bathroom Heater

Since undertile heating does not use fans or ducts, it provides a natural feeling of warmth in silence. You won’t even know it’s there and you might wonder where the warmth is coming from if you didn’t know better.


A Safe Way to Stay Warm

NO CRACKS. The cable used for under tile heating goes up to around 50 degrees only, so your tiles will not crack due to heat.

NO MOULDS. Since the heat produced by undertile heating quickly dries the floors, this reduces the chance of mould development.

NO DUST. Unlike ducted heating, an undertile heating system prevents air or dust movement and thus prevents allergies and asthma attacks.

Easy to Operate and Maintain

Some underfloor heating kits come with a programmable touch-screen thermostat. You can schedule it to come on at specific times every morning and warm up to a set temperature.

This 24/7 feature means you can change the temperature from winter through summer and from morning to night. As underfloor heating can warm up in as fast as 30 minutes, you can program the system to switch on and start warming up your bathroom at least half an hour before you rise in the morning.

But maybe one of the best things about underfloor heating is that it’s maintenance free. Once you’ve installed it, you can practically forget about it.

underfloor heating for modern bathroom

Undertile Heating for Your Home

Are you ready to wake up on winter mornings and walk on already warm bathroom tiles? Under-tile heating is a must to avoid the harshness of cold bathrooms, plus it increases the value of your home. Visit Renovator Store now to see Hotwire’s floor heating options. Contact their friendly customer service team today via email at