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How to Light your Bedroom

The Bedroom is the only part of the house that the ambiance is not about your guests, but about the inhabitant - you! This is the only room you get to please your style and taste, without considering what guests might say.

And in any theme you decide your room design to be, lighting would play a vital role in showcasing and creating the coveted mood.  Whether you're lighting a master bedroom or your children’s room, Lighting will prove to be the key to an equally appealing place to call your own.

Bedroom interior

Lighting Function

Room size and what functions you perform in it, will largely determine what lighting will be used in your room. If you love quality time with your kids in bed while having the telly, you may want Warm White lighting overhead and table lamps on the adjacent end tables. If you spend more time in your room for yoga meditation, overhead indirect lighting that washes the ceiling may be the perfect solution.

Determine Your Theme

A dramatic approach or a romantic feeling, creating the mood is what lighting’s second duty is. It first illuminates and then makes you have an experience. Look through interior design magazines and seek inspiration for how you want your room to feel. Warm White Lighting provides you a cosy and relaxing atmosphere while the Cool White Lighting makes a room seem clean and fresh, also shows up spec finishing of the room better. Its much brighter and almost mimics natural daylight. It is easier to see in and is used in areas where some work is done.

lighting appeal stair bedroom e1288386672714 How to Choose Appealing Lighting for your Bedroom

Showcase Your Likes

Lighting in your bedroom can also be for displaying and highlighting wall artwork, floor sculptures and architectural detailing in your room.  Depending on what you’d like to highlight, the lighting should follow the same cue. For large, dramatic artwork consider directional warm lighting that casts directly on the piece. For sculptural pieces, floor directional warm lighting aimed up can bring drama and visual interest.


Children’s lighting is important

Your child will enjoy their room with appealing lighting to aid in their activities. Overhead  lighting should be bright, but not directional into their eyes that produces squinting or a glare. Side table lamps are perfect when they are in bed while reading or winding down from the day. Consider warm night lights and soft glow wall sconces for little ones that are afraid of the dark. For decorative touches, match bedding, decor and lamp shades together for a pulled together yet functional look.

lighting appeal kids room e1288385731806 How to Choose Appealing Lighting for your Bedroom

Lighting in bedrooms is important for relaxing and rejuvenating the human spirit. Use these tips to bring your bedroom some much needed illumination and inspiration.

Happy Renovating!

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