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How to Mount & Place a Toilet Paper Holder to a Ceramic Tile

As simple as installing a toilet paper holder looks like, carefully planning this "so called" easy task would save you a multitude of time, aggravation and money. Imagine positioning your toilet paper holder too close to the toilet. This would cause you endless frustration several times a day.

Choosing the proper placement of a toilet paper holder is important to the comfort of your private rest room!

Attach a wall-mounted toilet paper holder within easy reach of the toilet, but not too close to avoid crowding the user. Toilet paper holders can be mounted to the wall or to a cabinet beside the toilet, typically 23 inches from the floor and about 5 inches in front of the toilet.

You will want to position it as close to the toilet as possible. That may require placing the holder in the wall next to the toilet. Bathroom walls may have tiling as the decorative wall covering.

Things You Need

  • 6-7 mm diamond bit
  • Masking tape
  • Pencil
  • Level
  • Plastic anchors
  • Rubber mallet
  • Screwdriver

2013-06-07 15.46.38


1. Choose the place on the tile wall where you want to attach the toilet paper holder.

2. Place a strip of masking tape on the place chosen. You can cover the entire tile if you choose, but that's not necessary. Some toilet paper holders may require that you cut two tiles.

3. Place the toilet paper holder on the wall slightly under where you want it placed. Mark the masking tape where the posts are with a pencil. You may need to use a level to check that the marks are straight.

You need to take extra care when cutting ceramic tiles. Hanging the toilet paper holder on a ceramic wall requires the same anchors, screws and drill that you would have used for hanging the holder on a drywall. The only difference is that with tiled walls, you need a special diamond bit to cut the tiles without cracking them.

2013-06-07 15.47.15

4. Attach a 6 mm or a 7 mm diamond bit to your drill. Place the bit on the spot marked on the masking tape, pressing firmly.

5. Begin to drill at the lowest speed possible. The speed of a drill is regulated by how hard you pull on the drill trigger. Pull on the trigger slightly to cause the drill to work slowly. Once the hole has been started, you can run the drill faster.

6. Drill completely through the tile. You will know you are through when the drill moves back and forth freely in the hole. If you are using a toilet paper holder that uses 2 brackets and a spring bar drill the second hole in the same way. Remove the tape once you have drilled the holes.

7. Place plastic anchors in the holes. Hammer them flush with the tile by hitting them gently with a rubber mallet.

8. Attach the toilet paper holder plates to the anchors with the screws provided in the toilet paper holder package.

2013-06-07 15.44.18

9. Attach the toilet paper holder to the plates. Load the toilet holder with toilet paper as applicable.

Note that some of the latest toilet roll holders have a more user friendly installation system - if your using one of these then simply connect the bracket and get it straight and firm, then simply place the roll holder over it and tighten the grub screws underneath onto the bracket with the supplied hex key

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