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How to Showcase your Home with Outdoor Lighting

Just as lighting is important inside your home, Outdoor Lighting can make your home look beautiful and highlight the architectural features in the evening. Aside from aesthetics, safety and security of your home can give you and your guests peace of mind when entering and leaving your home.

Here are some helpful tips when considering Outdoor lighting for your walkways, landscaping and home’s exterior.

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Beautifying with light

Outdoor lighting can help set the tone and ambiance of your home. When decorating your exterior with lighting, take into consideration architectural details, landscaping, the height of your home and the amenities that you want to highlight.



Walk around your home at dusk, right before the sun will set. Take note of what areas need additional lighting. Exterior lighting can help light up dark areas from the front of your home to the front entry. Waterproof Outdoor LED lights help avoid tripping hazards, like steps near pools or areas that are within the reach of your garden sprinklers. If you have added exterior features like a swimming pool, exterior porch or entertaining space, ensure these areas are well lit as well.

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Consider home security and safety from intruders and animals. Good lighting around the entire perimeter actually provides security for your home. This helps illuminate dark areas that may serve as hiding places for possible intruders. Ample lighting helps you to see outside from inside your home. If you have a large property, flood lights installed on the corners of your home will help throw light further than average wall sconces on the exterior of your home.

Most people prefer to install outdoor lighting themselves. Make sure you have an idea and a plan. Layout lights so that your home has overlapping paths of light for walkways and the perimeter of your entire home. Ensure you know how to install lighting and if you need guidance seek a professional’s assistance.  It is best to work with low voltage DIY lighting for the garden, and select an appropriate outdoor transformer to power them.

When you consider just how much lighting should be used for features, safety, and security around your home at night, you might start to realise that the power usage from outdoor lighting could be a large proportion of your total electrical bill.  It is recommended, therefore, that you utilise low voltage outdoor LED lighting wherever possible.   They will cost very little to run, can be left on all night as they do not get hot like incandescent forms of light, and they should last for decades without needing to change globes!

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Outdoor Lighting can showcase the beauty of your outdoors and welcome your guests to appreciate your taste as much as they enjoy your interiors. Aside from the added Warmth and aesthetics, proper and ample outdoor lighting can also deter intruders and prevent safety hazards. Determine how many lights you will need in advance before you start installing. Take into account adjacent street lighting or neighboring houses, and other external factors that may cast light onto their property as well.

Enjoy how your home looks and welcome guests safely with Outdoor lighting.