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How to Take Care of Your Lawn

Having a big backyard and enjoying a touch of nature within a few steps from your living room is truly a blessing. However, having a lawn isn’t enough as you need to maintain it and put in a ton of work into taking care of it every single day. So, if you’re a fan of the outdoors as well, here are a few lawn-maintenance tips that might help you have the best piece of land in the neighbourhood.  

Learn the Basics

Although maintaining a lawn adequately seems like a lot of work, it actually comes down to a few simple things: fertilising, watering, mowing, weeding, aerating and decluttering your lawn. But the point is in doing these things regularly and not waiting too long before doing something your lawn needs.

Most people think mowing it is all it takes and tend to forget about the off-season duties, and that’s where they make their first mistake. Yes, a huge lawn seems useless in the middle of the winter, but it doesn’t mean you should ignore it. Taking care of your lawn in the winter is vital if you wish to prepare it for the spring, so use appropriate fertilisers, break up the ice and keep it as clean as you can.

Avoid Mistakes

Most people consider themselves experts in lawn care, but they actually make a ton of unintentional mistakes that eventually hurt their grass. Some of the things you should definitely not do include watering it too much, allowing the weeds to spread around your lawn, using cheap fertilizers, mowing it only once a month and cutting the grass too drastically.

Also, if you want your lawn to become the talk of the neighbourhood and the focal point of your property, be sure to contact trustworthy landscapers from Sydney who can help you through every step of the way, from preparing the soil and picking the right grass seeds to finding the best way to mow it. Investing time and effort into your lawn will pay off eventually and your lawn will be quite beautiful!

The Soil

The most important part of an amazing lawn is the amazing soil and you can’t expect your patch of land to become green in the spring unless you pay close attention to the soil all year long. You need to check its quality and make sure it’s right for planting grass seeds – the experts agree that “the essential plant nutrients are available at optimum levels between a pH of 6.0 and 7.0” – but also react if you notice something’s wrong.

You can always elevate the quality of your soil if you treat it with proper, natural products, but be sure you invite an expert first because only people with lots of experience can help you determine your soil quality in a precise way. Finally, don’t forget to aerate from time to time – once every three or four years will be quite enough, but this will make a major change in your soil quality. This way, you’ll let help more fertilizer, oxygen and water get into the soil, which is quite important.

The Grass

Once you’ve made sure your soil is top quality, it’s time to plant those grass seeds and shift your attention to them. The process of planting isn’t that hard and anyone with some knowledge can do it – all you need to remember is to choose the right time of the year, get some quality seeds and water them properly.

Depending on where you live, the optimal period for planting are fall and spring months, so you need to prepare the site beforehand: slope the lawn area, smooth it, remove old grass and weeds, and clear the area for the new grass. After planting, it’s time to lightly water the seeds three times a day until you see the first signs of the new grass. Once that happens, start watering less frequently, but apply more water to keep the grass growing.

Adding a few finishing touches here and there will make your lawn even more amazing, so plants some flowers and herbs, install a fountain, build a small pool and add some outdoor furniture where you can relax during those long summer afternoons.

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