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How to Truly Drive the Sale of Your Home

Luck is often said have a major role when you ask yourself why your neighbor’s home, almost identical to your own, sold in just a few days while your’s has been sitting idle for a matter of months. But then again luck is not actually what drives a property's sale.

There are a few things you should know that could help you with the sale of your own home without looking for mantras and a rabbits foot.

home sale 1 What You Can Do to Help Drive the Sale of Your Home

45 seconds.

If there's one thing a seller dreams of, it’s the emotional buyer, the one who walks in, falls instantly in love with your property and magically develops an elastic budget. Once that dream customer walks through your door, you only have 45 seconds to impress this potential customer. One of the sure-fire ways to create those powerful emotional triggers that lure in the passionate buyer is the “wow factor”. You need to create a cleverly designed home that would press the emotional buttons of your buyer within 45 seconds.

home sale 2 What You Can Do to Help Drive the Sale of Your Home

Choosing a home is like choosing a partner.

Most people are emotional and very visual creatures. Remember how you were immediately drawn when you met your spouse or significant other ?If not, there was some other incredible quality that made your partner stand apart from all the rest. Your property must be like this too, especially if you live in an area where homes tend to resemble one another.

home sale 3 What You Can Do to Help Drive the Sale of Your Home

Make Your Property the Pick of the Bunch

If you make your property more attractive than the rest of the street, more people will be interested in purchasing it and the sale price will be correspondingly higher. In other words, just by decluttering, adding a lick of paint and careful styling, it is possible to add 5-10% to the value of a property.

Add More Storage Space

Storage is a real selling point. Lack of storage can put buyers off and depress your property's value. Make use of every bit of spare space you can find, and either build shelves; fit pull out pantries in slim places. Look for: concealed nooks in corridors; under stairs space; space in the cellar or attic that can be upgraded; space beneath the bath tub or alongside cisterns; space above sinks; unused wall space for wall mounted cupboards. Creating a measured plan of the layout of your home can sometimes reveal odd spaces concealed behind plasterboard that you did not know existed.

Make everything sparkle

home sale 10 What You Can Do to Help Drive the Sale of Your Home

Today’s buyers want new and shiny.– sparkle does sell! Painters will tell you to avoid high-gloss paint because it shows up every flaw, but don't you just love the glistening sheen of full-gloss paint. They are looking for newer homes, stainless steel tapware, hardwood floors, crown mouldings and anything else that gives a home character and charm. If your home is lacking in one of these areas, how can you make up for it? It might be wise, let’s say to rip up the carpeting if you know that there are hardwood floors beneath.

Feature your product with lighting

How many times have you heard potential buyers talk about the importance of light, bright interiors? Nothing creates mood and drama like an eye-catching feature light or two. It can make a bedroom feel seductive or turn heads in a living room. And you don’t have spend a fortune for spectacular feature lights these days. Shops like have plenty of great ones to choose from for prices that are way lower than those at retail stores. Remember, good lighting is the trick to radiate that sense of a lovely, bright, welcoming home.

Embrace your visitors.

Here is your chance to wow your visitors. They’re looking for great atmosphere and a good flow. Today's generation and a society know what we want when we want it So here’s your opportunity, as the seller, to embrace your buyers with a home that needs very little to no work.

home sale 5 What You Can Do to Help Drive the Sale of Your Home

Create Off-Street Parking

Off street parking can make a big difference to the value of a property, especially in an urban location where on street parking is restricted. In such instances, creating one or two parking spaces in front of, or alongside, a property can add significant value, even if it means sacrificing part of even all of a front garden. For many buyers, a well designed, low maintenance drive is more valuable and appealing than a garden they never use.


Think of your home as a product.

Remember, you are selling a tangible product, not your home. Why does a consumer want your product? How will your product make them better? How will your product enrich your consumer’s life of lifestyle? When you sell a home, you’re selling a lifestyle and a dream, therefore you want to market your home in such a way that a buyer will believe that he or she is getting a fabulous product that will enhance their life and lifestyle.

Enhance the Curb Appeal

As the golden book says - Most buyers will decide if they do not like a property before they even get out of the car and it can be hard to shake off negative first impressions created by a poor or unattractive exterior. You can significantly add to the value of a house by improving its exterior. This may involve repainting doors and windows; replacing an old garage door; repairing cracked or broken cladding such as render or timber; updating your old mailbox; adding a porch; adding climbing plants/trellis; replacing/adding a house number or sign.

An educated consumer is your best customer.

It is the absolute truth that today’s consumers are educated and spend much of their time researching homes and home trends on the internet. As the seller, you also need to educate yourself. You need to see what else is on the market. Get to know what’s out there and learn how you can best position yourself in today’s market.

home sale 9 What You Can Do to Help Drive the Sale of Your Home

Today’s consumers want to feel as though they are getting a good deal so price yourself well. Do not over price, but do not under price either. Too high a price and you’ll not only likely sit around on the market for too long, but you could ruin a potentially good sale. Under - pricing on the other hand might make buyer's suspicious of the reason why your selling your house for such good a bargain. The ultimate goal is to sell your home so that the buyer feels good about the purchase and that you feel good about the sale.

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