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How to Update your Bathroom on a Budget

Updating your bathroom is a closer reality than you thought. And there is no need to spend 2 or 3 paycheques to do so. Simply Analyze your bathroom and determine what needs to be updated, and what your wish list items are.

Here's a few tips on How to Update your Bathroom on a Budget.

update bathroom color How to Creatively Update your Bathroom on a Budget

Paint a Facelift

Depending on how much you can afford, adding modern colours to your bathroom can be the difference between a bathroom you enjoy to wake up to, and one that you rush out of in the morning! For a natural and Zen inspired bathroom use colours inspired by nature: browns, greens, blues, and beiges will instantly update your surroundings. Whether it’s through paint colour, wall paper, finishes, or bath linens, modernize instantly with a pleasing colour palette.

DIY Projects

If you are handy with do it yourself projects, a bathroom update may not be as expensive as you think. Consider installing beadboard paneling on your walls for a cottage interior feeling. Changing out plumbing fixtures to modern ones in your bathtub/shower and basin area is relatively simple, updating your basin can already update the look of the entire bathroom. Most online stores feature DIY project ideas regularly, and many of them will arm you with the knowledge to update your bathroom.


Be a Smart Renovator

Bathroom Tapware and fixtures is an area where you can spend a lot or save a lot.  The building materials and labour is often hard to negotiate down, but the range in prices for tap ware and fixtures means you can benefit from some research. Green BathroomWe recommend not going too cheap - some ultra-cheap tapware on ebay can look the same as expensive tapware but you might find it is not compliant, lightweight, and connectors are poor and leak, and the internal cartridge will not last.  At the other end of the spectrum some high street retailers present European "designer" bathware at extraordinarily high prices - and often it takes weeks to order in. What you fail to understand is that many "designers" source from the same manufacturers. You can save a lot of money by buying quality from the right places. Avoid paying high retail margins to reimburse high end showrooms and their staff for their business model - and source from lower cost quality providers such as renovator You can get the same quality without the hefty retail margins.

Restore the Good Old Days

Assess the reason why you are updating your bathroom. If you are updating your bathroom because of old looking and malfunctioning accessories, then replacing with new is your best option. While, if you have a classic claw foot tub that is starting to discolour from age, there are many restoration techniques you can do to restore it. Between the internet, blogs, and design television programs, you are bound to find resources to help you update your classic bathroom to a functional and beautiful state. Remember, updating doesn't have to always mean brand new, it may mean restoring the old to work beautifully.

updating bathroom tub How to Creatively Update your Bathroom on a Budget

Phase your Projects

While we all would like to update an outdated bathroom within a weekend, the reality of your budget and time may not be realistic for this to happen. Consider saving money by remodeling or updating your bathroom in phases. For example, removing old ceramic tile, and replacing it on a bathroom wall may be a weekend project. A few weeks later consider repainting, and so on. Often times the reality of an expensive update seems more expensive if you want to accomplish at one time. Make a plan and focus on the long term goal to keep your finances in check.

updating bathroom modern e1298472029653 How to Creatively Update your Bathroom on a Budget

Bathroom renovation entails a lot always remember to seek inspiration and advice from those that have updated their bathrooms before to steer away from common mistakes and problems. In no time you will be enjoying your bathroom once again!

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