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How to Work With an Architect

We have already established that although renovation does include the adventure of going solo with DIY's,  there's always projects that will be better off left to the experts. So you have decided to start designing your own home, or you would like to make some renovations. One of the first things you need to decide is what you want and how hiring an architect can help you visualise your style.


hiring architect exterior ideas How to Work With an Architect When Designing your Home

Hiring an architect helps you with several factors like local building codes, green design issues and even ensuring your dreams are realistic and within budget. Here are some  tips to help you when working with an architect.

hiring architect inspiration interiors How to Work With an Architect When Designing your Home

Having your ideas in one place before meeting with an architect will help all parties involved with clear communication. Architects can help you formalize your ideas into reality, but they still need direction from you as to what you envision.

Interviewing an architect to match your style

Hire a design professional with a similar design philosophy as yourself. Ensure that the architect you hire has sufficient expertise in the size and scope of the home design project you are interviewing them for.

hiring architect planning interiors How to Work With an Architect When Designing your Home

Ask your architect to explain design concepts you don’t understand

Consider your budget in advance

While architects would like to be able to predict how much the design of your home will be just by talking to you once, the reality is every homeowner and their ambitions are different. Have a rough estimate of a budget in mind. Vocalize your budget when interviewing architects before you start your home design.

Entrust that your architect has the best design intentions

From the structural integrity of your home to the comfortability of heating and cooling to electrical and civil engineering – property concerns, architects help pull all these disciplines together while designing. Have a “give and take” attitude when designing with an architect, and not be rigid in their approach. Work with your architect with an open mind to come to a design approach that will work for everyone. Architects love to hear your ideas, but they also know what will provide a comfortable and safe home for your family at the end of the day.

Read more of these tips in detail from our friends from Freshome Design and Architecture

When working with an architect remember, “one size doesn’t fit all”.  Communication early on in the discussions will help your home design project materialize as you had envisioned.

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