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This amazing illume LED skylight can be easily installed anywhere!

Skylights are so appealing in a home.  They bring beautiful natural ambient sunlight to areas of your house that would otherwise be shaded and dull.  They are popular with bathrooms, central hallways, garages, alcoves, kitchens, attics, walk-in-robes - the list is endless.   However, installing a TRADITIONAL skylight is a massive job and involves significant labour and disruption. Introducing ILLUME™ - a new ambient LED light technology from Australia that is powered by the sun, but can be installed anywhere by practically anyone that can climb a ladder.

So how does illume™ work?

skylight powered by the sunA small solar panel goes on the roof, and the light panel can be installed anywhere in the house. A simple low voltage wire connects the two. Now you have a diffused light panel that acts exactly like a diffused skylight would. It dims as clouds pass and brightens as the sun passes over. In fact illume LED skylight is so convincing that smart builders are using illume panels to look exactly like frosted windows on what would otherwise be a dark adjoining wall. Because the technology of the light panel exactly replicates real outside light conditions, you will never know the difference.


Why go with illume™ vs a traditional solar tube or skylight?

easier to install an illume LED skylight panel than a skylightIf you care about cost and quality then you will be interested in this new technology.

It is a 100% solar powered roof mounted panel that transfers the power of the sun to the interior ambient light panel by a simple wire. The small solar panel can go anywhere on your roof and as long as the wire can be fed to the panel location you can install the illume skylight.

The traditional "solar tube" or recessed skylight involves cutting holes in your roof and installing weatherproof seals, and can involve substantial carpentry, plasterwork, and painting to achieve a professional result - usually several hundred dollars in labour and the risk of a roof leak. The illume LED skylight involves no such labour - so that is the key saving. Also, no specialist installers are required and it attracts no insects like traditional skylights do.

And it's great for the environment!  It requires no power or battery and works purely from the energy harnessed from the sun, so you will be saving power.  Turn off the lights as your dark areas will be naturally lit from now on.

Adds value to your house

Lighting up naturally dark areas makes your home brighter and more liveable. It is no surprise that any selling agent will advise you to brighten up all the dull areas of your home if you are considering selling. It makes the home far more appealing on inspection as buyers want bright, inviting and liveable spaces. Imagine a skylight in a downstairs pantry, or an internal walk in robe - even a mid-level apartment. It is all possible with illume technology.

How does the illume™ skylight panel behave?

the LED light matches the light from outside

The features of illume™ will redefine the traditional skylight

  • Adjusts light output to match external conditions
  • Solar powered self-contained system (power/batteries are not required).
  • Automatic lighting control and operation
  • Operates without a light tube or flexible shaft
  • Does not attract insects or catch them (sealed unit)
  • No heat or noise transfer
  • Easy D.I.Y. Installation, including installation kit, no tradesman required
  • Eco-friendly, green product, no UV emissions and no carbon footprint
  • Can be installed in multi-level dwellings

a skylight that fits anywhere

10 thoughts on “This amazing illume LED skylight can be easily installed anywhere!”
  • Wayne

    Do they come with a battery option with a switch so you can use it at night.

    • Scott Pendlebury

      They do not come with a battery option, but they do come with an option to connect to the mains so that they can be controlled at night via a wall switch. This is a commercial option and will be available soon on our website

  • Cherry red

    i would like to install in my house what are the prices? Thank you

    • Scott Pendlebury

      Hi Cherry - yes they are a great and modern idea to enhance a home. We have temporarily stopped selling them on our website as it was difficult to secure supply. You should contact the manufacturer, Kimberley, to see if they have stock.

  • mick

    price on 2 400x 400 units please

    • Scott Pendlebury

      Hi Mick - This is an article on the product, not a sales page. We do not sell these LED skylights anymore. I am not sure if they are still available - you should contact the manufacturer "Kimberley Australia"

  • Rachel

    I live on the first floor of a five story apartment, is it possible to install the illumi Skylight?

    • Scott Pendlebury

      Hi Rachael. Yes it is possible as long as you can run a wire to the solar panel and the solar panel is in a position to receive sunlight. We no longer stock illume product so you should contact them directly if you wish to purchase.

  • David

    Hi Scott,

    Can you please tell me why you stopped stocking this product? Is there an issue that the buyer should be aware of?

    • Georgie Kourambas
      Georgie Kourambas December 10, 2015 at 11:30 pm

      Hi David - We no longer stock these products as it was difficult to secure supply. If you wish to purchase them you can directly contact the manufacturer 'Kimberley Australia' to see if they have stock.

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