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Bright ceilings for bright interiors

Wanting to inject colour into your home but not sure how? Feature walls are a quick way of creating a focal point within your room but why not step outside the square… Coloured ceilings are a fun and unique way of adding interest and appeal to your room without making it feel cluttered and claustrophobic. A bold ceiling colour will cause guests to look up and take in the room for all it is.


But what colour to choose?

Aqua or teal is a wise choice for ceilings in casual lounge or bedroom areas. It mimics the colour of the sky and will set a relaxed tone. Using a glossy paint with reflect the light and make the area feel larger and brighter however use flat paint if your ceiling has many imperfections. If using a darker colour, opt for a glossy finish otherwise the ceiling may look dull and heavy.


Lime green is also fun and young. It suits a beachy or outdoor area and will compliment the surrounding flora.


If your ceiling has joists, don’t be afraid to leave them white to break up the space and cause contrast. Otherwise, keep the ceiling white and paint just the joists for an alternative option.


If you are deciding to paint your ceiling a bold colour, keep the interior décor to a minimum. A bright ceiling will create an overriding theme so you don’t need to complicate things with abstract décor. Keep the walls and furniture simple so that your ceiling can be the focal point.


Keep in mind that colours will always appear darker when painted over a large surface compared to what they seem in the paint tin. Paint colours will also appear darker on a ceiling compared to a wall, due to the way that light will hit it.


Before investing time and money into painting your entire ceiling, test the colour first to make sure you are 100% happy. Paint a few pieces of poster board and attach it your ceiling for a few days to see how you like it. Take note of how it looks at different times of the day and in different lights.


If you are worried about painting an entire ceiling, opt for an accent band instead. You will still be able to achieve the colour pop you are after but don’t need to invest in the full venture. Tie your accent band in with some furniture and a rug and you will soon have the perfect colour balance.


Painted ceilings aren’t limited to inside only. Paint the ceiling of your deck or balcony with a fun bright colour and create a second living space. In areas such as these that are only used occasionally, be brave and opt for a bright hue.


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