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Interior Chalkboard Designs

Chalkboards have become interior crazes with the rise of industrial, minimalist and contemporary home designs. They have adapted to become useful in every room of the home from bathroom to kitchen and everywhere in between. Whether functional or for decoration, chalkboards are a fun way to promote communication and encourage temporary artwork.

Chalkboard paint can be bought for as little as $25 for a 500ml tin from Deluxe. Otherwise boards can be sourced from office works and many online stores.

Your Entrance

Chalkboards can be placed at the entrance to your home, either inside or outside with a friendly welcome note or directions on where to go. Place one near the backdoor or garage with your schedule written down so that whenever you leave, you are reminded of what's happening. If you separate your chalkboard into individual sections for each person in the house, everyone will be able to personalise the space as they like.


chalkboard-entrance-welcome-front-door chalkboard-entrance-welcome-front-door

Your Office

Instead of a large pin board or blank wall in the office, turn the wall behind your desk into a chalkboard so that you can record phone numbers and meeting times as well as listing your weekly schedule. You always need sticky notes or something to write things down on quickly when in the study so a chalkboard wall is ideal! Paint half the wall in chalkboard paint and leave some space for storage units and calendars.

chalkboard-blackboard-home-office-chalk-study-organise-inspire chalkboard-blackboard-home-office-chalk-study-organise-inspire chalkboard-blackboard-home-office-chalk-study-organise-inspire

The Kids

In kids studies and playrooms, chalkboards are fantastic to keep them entertained for hours. Even when wiped clean, chalkboards can act as a feature wall denoting a rustic, modern look. If you are worried about the chalk dust, purchase chalk pens instead of chalk sticks. Even though they still produce some avoidable dust, there is much less floating around. Cleaning your chalkboard with a damp cloth will also stop the transfer of dust from board to air, as is the case with a traditional chalkboard dusters.


kids-playroom-chalkboard-blackboard  kids-playroom-chalkboard-blackboard

In kids bedroom, chalkboards can be used as an educational tool. Paint your child’s chest of drawers in chalk paint so that you can label each drawer in order to teach them basic words.


Your Kitchen

There’s always a reason for a chalkboard in your kitchen! Whether its your splashback, family planner or wall of inspiration, your whole family will benefit from a kitchen chalkboard! Shopping lists, recipes and early morning messages and reminders will cover your chalkboard in no time! Chalkboards are also amazing at fitting in with any design. Being black, there’s hardly a kitchen where a chalkboard would look out of place. Especially amongst industrial styled modern kitchens, chalkboards are a must-have!

kitchen-blackboard-chalkboard-splashback-feature-wall  kitchen-blackboard-chalkboard-splashback-feature-wall kitchen-blackboard-chalkboard-splashback-feature-wall kitchen-blackboard-chalkboard-splashback-feature-wall

A chalk board doesn’t have to be a full wall, or even half a wall for that matter. Think about all the blank wall space you have…in your pantry, under the bench or even as the exterior of your kitchen cupboards!



One of the coolest uses of chalkboards we’ve seen is a chalkboard table in your kitchen or dining room! By painting the surface of your table in chalkboard paint, setting the table has never been so much fun!


Your Bathroom

Confused about the tiles or feature wall in your bathroom? There’s no need to make a definitive decision when you’ve got a chalkboard wall behind the vanity! Change your feature wall everyday with the flexibility of a chalkboard! In the guest bathroom, chalkboards can be lots of fun for guests to leave messages.

chalkboard-bathroom-diy-paint-feature-wall chalkboard-bathroom-diy-paint-feature-wall chalkboard-bathroom-diy-paint-feature-wall

Your Bedroom

Within the bedroom, chalkboards can be used for a variety of purposes. They are a great way of individualising a bedroom and making it personal. As a bed head, scribe your favourite quote or list some books that you want to read. On your wall, record your calendar or sketch an opulent princess bed design or photo frame display. In your wardrobe, make a list of items that friends have borrowed so that you are sure to get them back or perhaps a wish list of your next purchases!


bedroom-chalk-board-wall-lighting-frames-floorbedroom-feature-wall-chalkboard-blackboard-adult-organise bedroom-feature-wall-chalkboard-blackboard-adult-organise

Your Backyard

Not keen on the idea of chalk dust inside? Erect your chalkboard in the garage or in the backyard. Beside a sandpit is an excellent idea for kids! Why not paint your privacy screen in chalkboard paint or make it part of your fence!

outdoor-blackboard-chalkboard-fence-design-backyard-kids outdoor-blackboard-chalkboard-fence-design-backyard-kids

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