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Interior Inspiration for your dream home

Alright so not all our renovation ideas are necesserily doable but we can all dream can’t we? Get inspired by these amazing room renovations below and maybe, just maybe you can incorporate some of their ideas into your own dream home. Indoor waterside anyone…?

1. When the stark night sky is your living room feature wall, there isn't much to complain about...

inspiring-rooms-dream-home-renovation-storage-feature-design-style2. An open-plan bedroom at its finest..imagine the water fights to be had

inspiring-rooms-dream-home-renovation-storage-feature-design-style3. This apartment in inner-london has a retractable roof for when the air is clear and sky is blue

london-apartment-retractable-roof4. A penthouse in Manhattan with sprawling views over NYC

manhatten-apartment-view-central-park5. Be at one with nature in this open-plan outdoor living area 


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6. There's a room with a view and then there's a room with a view...

inspiring-rooms-dream-home-renovation-storage-feature-design-style7. For when you're a musician and acoustics is your forte

inspiring-rooms-dream-home-renovation-storage-feature-design-style8. Sunday evening crash pad…good luck getting up!

inspiring-rooms-dream-home-renovation-storage-feature-design-style9. The ultimate bookworm library. A perfect storage solution for any home

inspiring-rooms-dream-home-renovation-storage-feature-design-style10. A very clever floating nook to hide in when it gets cold

inspiring-rooms-dream-home-renovation-storage-feature-design-style11. Panorama windows and seating for 20. What fun could you have in this room..

inspiring-rooms-dream-home-renovation-storage-feature-design-style12. You didn't know what cosy was until you lay down here..

inspiring-rooms-dream-home-renovation-storage-feature-design-style13. When the ocean is your back wall

inspiring-rooms-dream-home-renovation-storage-feature-design-style14. A beautiful blend of architecture, nature and functioninspiring-rooms-dream-home-renovation-storage-feature-design-style15. Turn any blank wall into a library and irresistible reading nook

inspiring-rooms-dream-home-renovation-storage-feature-design-style16. The perfect backdrop for a Sunday read

relaxing-view-panorama-australia17. What a refreshing way to wake up..