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Iron out your storage problems with a fold-out ironing board

Don’t you hate finding a crease in your perfectly dry-cleaned shirt, a moment before needing to leave. Having to unfold and set up the ironing board, plug in the iron, wait for it to heat up, iron and then pack the whole thing back up again. Imagine having a carefree ironing board that is concealed inside a cupboard or draw for 99% of the time until needed. When the time comes to do some ironing, one can simple open up the cupboard, pull out the board and slide it back in when complete. Think of the time and space that this could save you, not to mention the ease and practicality!


The Heüger™ Fold-out Ironing boards are currently one of the most ingenious products on the market. No longer do you need a large enough cupboard to store your ironing board, nor do you need space in your home where your ironing board can be set up and left for hours at a time. The Heüger™ Fold out Ironing Board is designed to be attached to a pre-existing shelf or cavity space. When in need, it simply slides out on superior ball bearing runners and folds out to a length of 810mm. After use, simply fold it up and allow it to retract back into your cupboard space or draw. The sturdy and stylish design will cause you nothing but ease and practical functioning.

From a storage poinHeugar_pull_out_ironing_boardt of view, the Heüger™ Fold out ironing board wastes not an inch of space and saves you storage room for an otherwise large, bulky ironing board. It only needs to be out on display when in use and is otherwise nowhere to be seen. The Heüger™ Fold out ironing board fits in a standard 400mm wardrobe cupboard or shelf however if space provides, can be installed into a larger area with room for your ironing and ironing products.




The Heüger™ Fold out ironing board is the perfect solution to compact apartments. With the co-operation of a clever handyman or builder, you could even install your ironing board in a draw with a fold down front for an innovative space saving solution.

Save yourself the hassle and potential injury of moving around and setting up an awkwardly clunky ironing board and streamline your laundry/wardrobe with a Heüger™ Fold-Out ironing board today.

2 thoughts on “Iron out your storage problems with a fold-out ironing board”
  • Elle

    Hi I am interested in this system of ironing board what is the price please? Kind regards elle

    • Gino Carteciano

      Hi Elle,

      Our Heuger Fold-Out Ironing Board is $189.95. You can find out more about it in our online store:


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