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How to Keep Your Home Safe When You Go on Holidays

As lovely as holidays are, one of the big worries you have to face when you go on vacation is keeping your home safe in your absence... Or so you thought. If you take these easy steps to keep your home safe when you go on holidays you'll have no need to fret at all. In fact, if you plan it well enough burglars won't even know that you're gone!


Outdoor Lighting


Efficient outdoor lighting can make your home a lot safer all year round. Invest in motion sensors that switch on lights when movement is detected, giving the impression that someone is home. The lights then switch off after a pre-determined period of time. These are a great way of deterring people who step into your garden who really shouldn't be there.


Indoor Lighting


Indoor lighting can also be utilised to make it appear as if someone is home. This can be done via use of timing systems. Set them before you jet off for your holiday to turn on and off at specific times in the evening.

Alternatively if you have a 'connected home' you can use you smartphone to control your lights from wherever you are in the world. Use this to randomly switch lights on and off to discourage potential thieves.


Security Cameras


Install security cameras in your home to add additional security. If you wish you can opt to have them monitoring by an external company who calls the police on your behalf if any disturbance is detected. Again, you can use your smartphone or any other connected device to monitor your cameras via an app. The app can even send alerts to your phone if there is a potential issue!


Security Alarm Systems 


Security alarm systems are available with various features. You can choose a DIY system and install it yourself, or alternatively you can consult a security specialist who can advise you on the best system to suit you needs, and install it to maximise its potential to secure your home.

The type of system that'll suit your home best depends on your budget, and what you intend to protect with your system. Always make sure your system is monitored when you are not in town, or set it up so that you can keep an eye on it yourself while you're away.


Friendly Neighbours

Friendly Neighbours

This is an old idea, but very effective so it's definitely worth the mention. No matter how much technology you have in your home, the eagle eyes of friendly neighbours are invaluable in keeping your home safe when you go on vacation.

Tell them when you will be away and when you expect to return. Get them to remove any junk mail from your letter box (your other should be held at the post office). If they're especially nice they might even be happy to feed the cat!


Author Bio:

Sara works as a content strategist at Five Star Locksmiths (Melbourne). Five Star Locksmiths provides 24-hour locksmith services in Melbourne’s CBD and its suburbs.

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