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Keeping Organised In Your Small Home

There’s a lot to love about having a small home but there’s also challenges that come with it. Keeping the clutter at bay and finding ways to fit everything you need into small spaces is one such challenge. Luckily there’s more than one solution for staying organised in a small home.

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Don’t waste an inch of space

When you don’t have much space to work with you really need to make every shelf and cupboard count. Kitchens are particularly greedy when it comes to too many products and not enough space; from pantries to cleaning products and cooking utensils. Playing tetris to get all your assorted items into one small cupboard isn’t our idea of ideal Sunday plans. Jayden Hall suggests adding storage optimising racks to your cupboards taking them from piled up messes to accessible, organised dreams. Follow Renovator Store on Facebook and Twitter for more ideas.

Less really is more

In our consumer driven society we all fall for the idea that we need mountains and mountains of stuff. But how much is really necessary in our everyday lives? Organising mentor and consultant Sue Glasser has these two tips for getting rid of the excess:

1. Take stock; Have a look at what you have at the moment - What would you actually replace if you lost it all? Ask the questions: What is important to me? What can I live without?
2. No Duplicates; How many pairs of scissors do you really need? Check appliances: Two toasters? 10 sets of towels for 2 people? 10 Mixing bowls? Gift or sell those extras.

For more info find Sue on Facebook and Instagram.

Invest in dual purpose furniture

There’s an easier way to keep your shoe addiction under wraps. Get yourself a multipurpose bed base with a gas lift and store all your secret purchases under you while you sleep. Sweet dreams of new shoes await!

Make the most of your walls

Constantly losing the grocery list? Can’t seem to find a pen and paper when you need it? Once the house is in order you’ll be wishing the rest of your life would fall into line as well. Kelly Walter from Daily Orders has an easy and fun solution; mountable wall planners with multi-coloured chalk markers. They have weekly and monthly planners to keep your life on track and even do custom orders. Take a look around and we bet there’s a few empty walls just waiting for you to get creative with them. Get more from Daily Orders on Facebook or Instagram.

Don’t forget the backyard

Got a jumble of gardening tools, kids toys and pet toys outside without a designated home? The easiest solution is getting some useful outdoor furniture to keep your yard as tidy as the rest of your house is now. There’s a range of storage box styles available from wooden to wicker and even one that doubles as a bench seat.

Put your mind to it and we bet you can get organised and stay that way!

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