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Keyless Entry - the power of your fingerprint

Imagine the luxury of not having to carry around heavy, dangly keys that constantly get lost at the bottom of your hand bag and scratch the interior of your car. Say goodbye to the days of loosing your keys and being locked out of your home. For many years now, cars have adopted keyless central locking systems and it seems that home security is going down the same path.

 digital_code_front_door_renovator_storeMuch debate remains around keyless locks, primarily due to security risk. Many believe that systems such as this are easy to hack and break into.

However ‘eKeys’ are much more difficult to copy and can be revoked at any time. If a tradesman is expected to arrive or a friend needs to urgently pick up something and no one is home, keyless locks are your answer. Digital codes, access cards or even fingerprints can control the latest generation of keyless locks and access rights can be altered and changed each day. stocks multiple keyless lock designs and options that are backed up by the trusted technical support of KASecurity – Australia’s specialists in keyless security systems. With 24/7 back up service, there is no reason why keyless locks are not the safest, securest, most efficient and practical locks on the market!

Card/Fob Entry

digital_code_front_door_renovator_storeKeyless locks that operate with card or fob entry are the answer to all your needs. If a card is lost, there is no stress in it being found by a stranger and used to break in. Instead, cards and fobs can be cancelled instantly. If a cleaner or tradesman needs to be granted access temporarily, a card can be lent and access cancelled when they leave. Card and fobs can in no way be copied like a key can! When the battery is running low, the lock will let you know and you will be given a months notice to change the battery. Many customers purchase an out-door key safe just to be sure and have a master key hidden so always accessible. Installation is easy and can be done yourself with the supplied set of full instructions.

Digital Code Entry

The digital code keyless locks operate in much the same way however can be opened with a 4 to 8 digit access code. Codes can be added, changed and deleted as often as needed and 5 fob cards are also supplied to be used in the same way. If the code is forgotten or in the case of an emergency, the master key can be used in the same way that any traditional key lock is used. Within 5 seconds of closing, the keyless lock will lock itself behind you but can always be opened from the inside. If the door is left ajar, an alarm will sound, notifying you to check the door. An alarm is also installed to guard against ‘lock bumping’ – an illegal lock-picking technique.

Fingerprint Entry

digital_code_front_door_renovator_storeFingerprint entry allows for complete freedom of leaving and returning home. With nothing needed accept your own hands, fingerprint access is the easiest and most practical solution to any front door. After swiping your fingerprint, verification is given in less than 2 seconds and up to 100 different fingerprints can be scanned. 5 fob cards are also provided and can be denied or granted access on a temporary basis.

So what are the benefits?

-       No keys need to be carried around – no chance of loosing them

-       Difficult to copy and can be revoked at any time

-       Unlike traditional locks, keyless locks cannot be picked, bumped or manipulated

-       Higher security for you and your family

-       Codes can be changed yourself without a locksmith needed

-       Easy DIY installation

-       Standalone, require no wiring

With these benefits and practicality, keyless locks are the simple solution to all your home and office security needs. Keyless locks have never been this easy and affordable - so get yours today from the Renovator Store.


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