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Keyless Locks: The Future of Security

Gone are the days where the simple lock and key was the only way to secure your home, belongings and family from unwanted visitors. Keyless locks are becoming increasingly popular in new houses and renovations as people are realising the freedom of being able to leave your house without your keys. It also eliminates the issue of losing your keys, or having to hide them for a tradesperson to use. With a multitude of options to select from you're bound to find the keyless lock perfect for your home!


Digital Mechanical Lock

The digital mechanical lock is the most basic gadget in the keyless lock range. Quite simply you enter the code on the external side of the residence to gain entry inside. The reverse side of the lock has a simple lever for easy exit.


This kind of lock is simple, durable, and can resist both dust and water due to its rubber sealing. It is easily reprogrammed and fits into any contemporary designs. There is also a dual keypad model available, which is perfect for families with small children where easy exit may need to be prevented.


Electric Lock Keypad


One step up from the digital mechanical lock is the electric lock keypad. Access to your home can either be gained by entered the unique entry code, or via waving your keyless lock access card.

It is easily reprogrammable, allowing you to simply add or delete single users. This means no stress if you lose an access card, or if you only wish to give someone temporary access to your home.


Available in either small or large sizes the contemporary design blends seamlessly into any modern home. They are also water resistant and easily installed, making them suitable for most external applications.



The E-touch is a keyless lock device that can be accessed numerous ways. Firstly you can use an keyless lock access card or keyring fob. Secondly you could use your personal access code. Finally you could use an RF remote.

Like the electric lock keypad it is easily reprogrammable for cancellation of keys/fobs, or for temporary addition of users. This specific device can also be customised to suit your preferences. For example whether the door opens inwards/outwards or left/right.

The other advanced features included in this device are the tamper alert alarm, 2 emergency master keys and automatic locking after 5 seconds.

Fingerprint Recognition


Everyone is born with unique fingerprints, making them an ideal tool to use in security. Only when a registered fingerprint is placed on the scanner will entry into your home be granted. With this specific device up to 2,000 users can be added, guaranteeing your entire family can be added into the system if need be!

Of course you can still open the door with a code or card in case someone needs temporary access to your home.


The range of keyless locks available serve to make your life easier. No longer will there be the troubles of lost keys and unwanted access to your home. Now you have the power to decide who will enter your property.

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