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Kitchen mistakes you want to avoid making

Kitchen mistakes made in the renovation or planning phase can cause some real headaches later on.  The best kitchens are the ones that are smart, functional, and well-thought out in advance. We share some of the most common kitchen mistakes that are made, so you don't have to make them yourselves!


Not planning enough workspace

kitchen mistakes for the homeWhen creating your dream kitchen, accounting for large working space is essential. Even if you have a small kitchen area to work with, make bench space a major priority in your kitchen. This will also improve the flow of your design.


Planning your kitchen without a 'workflow' in mind

scandanavian kitchen

When planning your kitchen, it's important to set out a visual map of stations at your kitchen. Think about where you want your toaster, your coffee machine, and other important appliances. This will set the theme for storage ideas around it. When you organise your stations and group If you don't visualise a workflow, you could end up with a badly designed kitchen.


Failing to measure properly twice

kitchen mistakes to avoid Credit: Cad's Kitchen Planning

When installing drawers and cabinets, there's nothing worse than finding that two open doors collide. Make sure all your measurements are on point to avoid any clashes in your kitchen. The same goes for making sure things open the correct way, like your refrigerator door opening up against a wall rather than to the heart of the kitchen.


Not including enough electrical sockets

common kitchen mistakes Source: Purewow

With all your kitchen appliances, you're definitely going to need more than two electrical outlets! Make sure you load upon electrical outlet points. You can even get smart by strategically hiding them in drawers or under island benches.


Not including enough lighting

kitchen lighting ideasChoosing the wrong lighting to fit the theme of your kitchen can be potentially jarring for the space. By opting to include various forms of lighting, you can adjust it as needed. Overhead lighting is important for general illumination, meanwhile spotlight lights are important for lighting up specific tasks. Our tip? Go for LED lighting for their longevity and low energy output.

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