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Kitchen pantry Ideas

Different strokes for different folks.... as the saying goes, no two people are alike and that's the same for our kitchens.

L-shaped, square, round, small or big. Kitchen spaces and styles differ. Instead of teaching you what we assume would be best for your kitchen pantry, we have rounded up some neat kitchen pantry ideas that could inspire you to refresh/renovate your kitchen.

From custom made builds to DIY installed pull outs, here are a few ideas that may fit what you need.

This pull out spice rack is a sure way to organise and quickly identify the spices or condiments you need. and with the pull out function of such a narrow space, you can now be sure that your lower cupboard back end space will no longer go to waste.

pantry design 7

This smart vertical stacking cans rack is a clever and convenient way to store the canned goods you use a lot. A simple glance at the racks tells you that your runnin low on soup or a chicken stock you use for your kids casserole.

pantry design 6

Wooden swivel and swing out custom racks is a clever way to stock on your pantry staples for when you have a full size pantry closet at your disposal.

pantry design 4pantry design 5

Wired racks and baskets, mounted on cupboard doors will surely maximise your pantry space .

pantry design 3pantry design 2

Pull out and swing out pantries provide an elegant way to store your stocks and provides an easy access for when you need them


Maximise the usage and access of the corner space under your kitchen bench with this ingenious  magic corner unit that pulls-out all your stored items conveniently. 


And finally get access to the back of your corner kitchen cupboard with a Kitchen Cupboard Carousel. Get easy access to all your pantry stock with a simple swivel of the top or bottom tray. also good for pots and pans!


And with all these options available, the true question is ....  which one fits?

Whatever kitchen shape, size and style you have, there's surely a kitchen pantry design that'll fit you right to a "T". Simply know what you want and understand what you can have and you'll surely get that pantry you always wanted.

Happy renovating!




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