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Kitchen Renovation Tips and Ideas

Kitchen remodeling tends to be a really important part of improving the overall quality of life for people, whether being part of a new home or the same one you’ve been living in for many years. The following tips will give you some ideas to consider when renovating your kitchen and making it more functional.

Kitchen Renovation Tips and Ideas2

Upgrading the kitchen
One of the more popular solutions for making your kitchen more modernized is to update your appliances. A new free standing double oven or a sleek convection oven can certainly become a feature in any kitchen. What really matters is looking for an energy star certified set of appliances if you want to have something new that also saves you money in the long run.


Updating your kitchen hardware
One of the easiest way to freshen up a kitchen is to replace all the handles and knobs with a new modern design. These days you do not even need to visit a store but can research online and save yourself time, petrol and hassle. The has an extensive range of renovation products for the smart renovator that is after quality at a fair price.

Kitchen Renovation Tips and Ideas
Create a feature wall or ceiling
You can add a splash of colour by creating a coloured feature wall or even painting the ceiling. Although this is time consuming and can be messy, you will be creating a much more welcoming kitchen in the long run. You can also consider wallpaper or paneling to add some style. Painting the kitchen in brighter colors will make it friendlier, but do keep in mind that lighter colors will stain more. This means you will need to deal with kitchen and domestic cleaning more often than you would otherwise. The same goes for your floor cleaning and other cleaning efforts around the kitchen.
Working on backsplash fixing
You can make use of beveled edge tiles to make a high durability splash screen back for your kitchen space. Whatever pattern you decide to use will work, but a herringbone pattern will work even better with roughly the same amount of work you would need otherwise.

Counter space
You can give your counters a stone-like look by using a cheaper solution with water resistant benefits. What is that solution? Laminate. Simply use travertine silver laminate or a similar solution and you will have results at a smaller price you can work with.

2 thoughts on “Kitchen Renovation Tips and Ideas”
  • Kelly Bryant

    I'm interested in resurfacing my kitchen and bathroom benches. Is this something you cater to?

    • Scott Pendlebury

      HI Kelly - sorry for the delayed response. Renovator Store sells a wide range of home renovation products Australia-wide, but does not provide trade services. You would have to contact a local tradesperson and we use 1300 BUILDER for our customers.

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