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Kitchen Storage Treasures

Whether you’re in the design phase of a kitchen renovation, or simply wondering about ways to free up space, pull out racks are a kitchen space-saving must-have. Most pull out racks fit almost any kitchen area including corners and narrow spots around appliances.

Here are some Kitchen Storage Treasures used to help save space?


Spices and Oils

3160006Almost everyone store spices and oils inside cabinets or on countertops. A pull out spice rack near a stovetop brings cooking seasonings within arms reach and free up your cabinet boxes for other items. If you’re looking to lessen the amount of cabinetry in your kitchen, installing a pull out storage cupboard to either side of your stove, can also make a larger section of cabinetry unnecessary.


Pantry Items

3160002A pull out pantry is the perfect storage solution for boxed, canned and bagged pantry items.  Gone is the need to push items around on shelves in search of a specific foodstuff. Instead, a floor-to-ceiling pull out pantry with open, easy-access shelving can be custom-fitted into an existing cabinet space.

Trash Recycling

One of the best ways that pull out racks help you save space is by moving trash and recycling bins out of the open and into a lower cabinet. With a double pull out trash bin rack, you can quickly separate the trash from the recycling. You can also dispose of waste while standing at a workstation instead of running across the kitchen and hoping that drips won't occur every step of the way.

Check out online shops for pull out system and kitchen storage ideas. Most online stores like have gorgeous storage items that are at the fraction of what these storage treasures cost in most store outlets.

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