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The latest Under Tile Heating DIY Kit

Do you dread that time of morning when your alarm goes off and you have to crawl out of bed, over the frosty bathroom tiles and into the shower? Could you imagine the sensation of waking up to already warm bathroom tiles that have automatically come on at a certain time and at temperature of your choice? This may sound like an expensive luxury however with a HOTWIRE Under-Tile Heating DIY Kit, you can have the comfort of heated floor tiles all for a fraction of the retail price. And the best part? It will cost you less than your morning coffee to run.

The HOTWIRE Under Tile Heating DIY Kit is designed as a thin wire that has been cut to specific length and designed to be coiled around your flooring space. Spaced at even intervals below your tiles, the HOTWIRE Under Tile Heating warms your home from the floor upwards. Ducted heating vents or heat lamps that are placed in the ceiling have been found to provide ample heat for the top half of a given space however may differ by up to 12 degrees between floor and ceiling meaning that the majority of your body is not receiving the warmth that it should. For families with small kids, there is a vast temperature difference between what a tall adult may feel and a toddler crawling on the tiles.


The HOTWIRE Under Tile Heating DIY Kit can be installed yourself with a qualified electrician needed to simply plug in the thermostat to the power source under Australian Standards. The beauty of DIY installation is that it will save you thousands and you are able to choose exactly where you want your under floor heating. Often, under floor heating devices are laid down as mats beneath your flooring. The mat design may seem simple to lay down but can cause lots of problems when it comes to fitting around toilets, vanities and bath tubs. The HOTWIRE Under Tile Heating DIY Kit is perfect for installing in small or tricky spaces as the heated wire can simply be coiled around doorways and fixed furniture making sure no cold spots are present.


Before installing, be sure to watch the installation video below to learn just how simple it is

Many people do not consider the possibility of under tile heating due to the believed cost of running such a luxury. Surprisingly, HOTWIRE Under Floor Heating will cost you just over $100 to run per year! 365 mornings of a perfectly heated bathroom and 365 evenings of cosy tiles beneath your toes for just over $100 per year! At a price like this, the environment and your wallet are equally happy!



Benefits of HOTWIRE Under Tile Heating:

  • the ability to be self-installed in new or existing homes
  • the ability to fit into any shape room leaving no cold spots
  • help to dry the floor reducing damp spaces and mould
  • low power consumption helping to reduce green house gas emissions
  • simple touch screen thermostat enabling you to program the temperature 24/7 around your lifestyle
  • enables a minimlaist bathroom design, ridding the need for fans, ducts and heat lamp
  • a 10 year warranty on HOTWIRE cable


And how does it work?

With a supplied touch screen thermostat, simply choose a time for your HOTWIRE Under Tile Heating to switch on in the morning and a temperature that you would like for it to reach. Keep in mind that it may take between 30 minute and 1 hour to reach this temperature so it is best to programme it to come on whilst you are still sleeping. A specific time to switch on and off can be programmed for each day based on your busy lifestyle scheduale or choose one of the pre-determined programmes that may look like this.



Under-tile heating is a must if you wish to avoid the harshness of stone cold tiles in winter.  It adds value to your home and is surprisingly cheap to run.  The Hotwire system is the simplest to install and perfect for a DIY project. The kit includes a fully SAA compliant heating element, programmable touch screen thermostat/timer controller and everything you need to safely and confidently install your under-tile heating. Once installed, tested and tiled over your electrician simply connects the power to the controller.

The under-foot warmth and even room heat is simply unbeatable.  The controller has everything you need to automate the heating times and run it efficiently via a thermostat.  You can of course operate it manually as well, and even switch it to vacation mode for when you are away. Jump online at the Renovator Store now to secure yours!


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