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LED Benefits apart from the obvious savings

Bugs and insects around your lights have always been a pain. By changing your front porch or even your interior lighting to “Warm White” LED Lights, insects from outside will be less likely drawn into your home. Aside from an insect free home, there are a lot of LED Benefits apart from the obvious savings, that we may not be well aware of.

These benefits may actually be good to know so here are a few

Fresher meat

fresh meat

LED lights have known to keep meat fresher in delicatessen displays. Scientific observations found lower bacteria levels in meat displayed under LED lighting.

Better clothes


Store owners and clothing re-sellers realised long ago that displays under halogen lighting can suffer damage from ultraviolet and infrared radiation (UV rot) as well as from heat generated from the lights.

Yields more milk


Studies had shown that cows milked under LED lights are seemingly more relaxed, as they produced an extra half-gallon of milk per day.

LEDs Help Babies Fight Jaundice


As light has been long known for its therapeutic and healing capabilities, concerns of associated infrared radiation and drastic increases in temperature has always posted negative side effects. In relation, there has been studies on the effects of LEDs for healing wounds incurred in space. For the first time physicians and healthcare workers are now able to offer babies LED light therapy without the negative side effects.

Although these are not the benefits a home owner thinks about when considering the move from halogen to LED, but rather the 80% electricity saving, the safety benefits from reduced fire risk and not having to change another light for 25 years, they indirectly benefits us in one way or another as it makes our lives better and our environment safer.

Aside from that, who could argue on helping the health of these cute babies?!


Happy renovating

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