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Less is more..minimalism

The ‘minimalist’ look within your home can be difficult to achieve. It can make your home look bare, empty, lifeless, unfamiliar or plain boring. If you get it right however, it can make your home look clean, fresh, modern, light, crisp, sharp and clutter-less. The trick to achieving this look is to rid your clutter without minimalising personality and style. Start with getting rid of all the extra clutter around your home before opening your purse and splurging on modern furniture pieces.

Get clever with Storage solutions kitchen-storage-elite-cupboard-organiser-kitchen-storage

Make use of all clever storage solutions that will keep clutter out of eyesight but still within easy reach for function. In the kitchen, the bench space can very often be a dumping ground for newspapers, food, drink glasses and letters. Instead, install some clever in-cupboard storage units and take advantage of all your overhead cabinetry. Floor to ceiling cupboards can help create a streamline look, providing ample room for storage and disguise kitchen appliances such as fridges and dishwashers.





Flush your kitchen cabinetry

A quick trick to creating a flush kitchen canvas is to get rid of unnecessary kitchen cupboards and drawers. This isn’t always practical however with cheap push-to-open fittings available at hardware stores, maybe it's time to unscrew all your cupboard handles, fill them in, sand them back and create a whole new kitchen look for next-to-nothing! Even create a focal point with a few (no more than 3 or 4) abstract cupboard handles to make a bold statement.



Think Bold and Colourful Artwork

Rather than making a statement with homewares, rid the clutter and express your style and colour through large, bold pieces of art. Swirling pastel colours and large-scale abstract artwork can give a room the spice and character it needs without providing pockets for dust to fill. Extensive lighting fixtures can also give an excuse to wipe away the surrounding clutter and allow the attention to be drawn upwards.



Create life with your necessery furniture

Working in large spaces, intricate glassware, vases, mirrors and frames often float around to fill space and create interest. Replace the need for extra objects with the addition of a bold colour. A dining room table with 8 red chairs can create the same aesthetic look as a dining room table with 8 wooden chairs and a centre piece cluttered of flowers, ornaments, candles and chaos.


Minimalism ≠ Merely White

When people think of minimalism they picture blank black and white spaces. Minimalism can contain any colour, as long as it is not a mash up of loud dashes of many colours. Take your bathroom for example. A pale green, grey or wooden bathroom can achieve the optimum minimalist style without a dash of white. A bathroom is a tricky place to keep clean and blank so invest in some clever storage ideas and chuck out all those half empty products that haven’t been used in 5 years. Then again, an all white bathroom can be perfect minimalist design if styled successfully. Streamline tapware, in-wall cisterns, frameless shower screens and floating vanities all scream the minimalist look.


Remember, minimalism is the art of living practically and comfortably with less.

It takes restraint and planning. Good Luck and Happy Styling