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Lighten up your winter garden

Outdoor lighting can help to enhance any outdoor or garden area as well as create a whole new living space to be enjoyed throughout the year. Depending on your outdoor area, outdoor garden lighting can turn an unused dark patio area to a second living room that will provide years of entertainment for the whole family.

The first step to creating your new outdoor room is to design and draw plans, taking into consideration your power source, your plants and trees, the theme or effect you want to create and the logistics of your light placement to ensure that a variety of brightness and shadows interplay to create mood.

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Outdoor Lighting is often referred to by two categories; accent lighting and task lighting. Accent lighting describes any lighting that is used to accentuate plants, water features, sculptures and landscape. It is used to draw attention away from your garden shed and clothes line and on to your more aesthetically pleasing possessions. Task lighting refers to the practical usage of lighting fixtures for tasks such as food preparation, security, safety and stairs.


The power source used for garden lighting is often mains or solar power. Solar power is more sustainable for our environment being a renewable energy source however is not as reliable, especially in the winter months. Although solar power eliminates cords and installation costs, it is not recommend for accent lighting when used for spotlights or to provide that bright electrical glow. Garden lighting that is run from your mains electricity is guaranteed to provide brighter lighting and can be installed yourself with some basic knowledge.


Once your power source is decided upon, one must decide whether to opt for halogen or LED globes. LED are more expensive upfront although will save you money in the long run. LED provides a much purer white lights that portrays a more accurate colour of the landscape as oppose to the yellow light that halogens project. With small children and pets around, LED are a safer option as the globes and fixtures will not heat up.


Lighting designs are endless however a small amount of time and research will guarantee an efficient combination of task and accent lighting to illuminate your garden in ways yet to be discovered.


Uplighting: When lights are directed upwards to highlight a feature such as a tree canopy or water feature. Light is also projected to the surrounding are.


Spotlights: Spotlights are singular bright lights that are shined at feature elements such at sculptures, special plants or water features and intend to catch the eye of an audience to direct to a specific place.


Downlights: Downlights are positioned at a higher level, often above the eye and are projected downwards. Downlights are more often used for safety and security measures such as above a door, set of stairs or pathway.


Wall Lighting: Wall lights are more commonly flat panelled lights that are integrated into a wall or flat surface in order to illuminate the surface. Wall lights can act as feature lighting to draw attention to artwork and architecture or they can highlight the boundary.


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