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Lighting options for kids rooms

Children’s room is their little kingdom and every kingdom deserves to be royally lit. Provide your little princes and princesses with all the light they need for playing, reading and, at the end of the day, sleeping. Use appropriate lighting to transform their room into an oasis of security, productivity and happiness. Here are some tips and ideas on how to do properly light your kids’ room.

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General lighting

General lighting usually goes on the ceiling and offers light for general activities and is used the most during the day. Chandeliers or sconces can be shaped like anything as long as it’s fun and colourful. You can find all sorts of colour schemes and designs made especially for kids. If they’re old enough to choose, you can take them shopping and they will pick the design they like the most. It’s always good for the general lighting to have dimmers, so that way you can save money and light the room appropriately.  Make sure bulbs are bright enough so your children can play safely and not strain their eyes.



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Task lighting

Your children will not spend the whole day playing on the floor. Many children enjoy drawing and reading stories and you have to provide the adequate light for those tasks. Task lighting is especially important in older kids’ rooms, since they probably need to study and do homework. The best solution is getting desk lamps. They must be bright and glare-free if possible to protect your kids’ eyes.  Task lights also come in many different shapes and sizes, but pay attention to how much light they provide.



Closet lighting

Many kids take pride in what they have, whether it’s toys, books or posters, so it’s important to illuminate that part of their life. There are special clip spotlights and picture lamps that are perfect for illuminating their posters and pictures, and built-in lights can shine some light on their other treasured possessions. It’s also smart to install little lamps in the closets that will make choosing outfits easier and they also scare monsters away.




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Night lights

If your kid is afraid of the dark, a good night light is a must-have item for their room. Night lights offer subtle but irreplaceable comfort during the dark nights. Night lights shouldn’t be so bright they disturb your sleeping child, but they should be bright enough so they scare away the darkness and monsters hiding in it. You can even work on some DIY lighting projects with your kids, using LED strips and some glue. Those night lights are easy to make and they look amazing. Each can be different and personalised and your kids will love them.



Nursery lighting

Nursery lighting is required both by the parents and the baby. They can lull your baby to sleep and they are more than useful for feeding and checkups during the night. Get a light that has a soft glow and a low voltage bulb to protect baby’s eyes and offer just enough light for a good night’s sleep. You can also install dimmers on already existing fixtures, so you can easily control the amount of light during the day. If you chose a lamp for your nursery, don’t place it near the crib. It can get knocked down or your baby can pull it down when they start crawling. Another beautiful and useful idea is to create a LED starry ceiling. This will transform any nursery into a real fairyland.

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It’s important to provide good and adequate lighting for your kids and make their childhood full of bright ideas and memories. Also, you will protect their young eyes and save their health. Include your child into the choosing or making of the lighting and you can make it into a nice bonding time.