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Lighting Trends for your Home

From minimalist, industrial chic and sumptuous chandeliers, the latest in lighting can be summed up with the words: "Whatever suits your fancy."

Specially if energy conservation is your top priority, you can find the right lighting for every room of the house and even outdoors, without compromising energy and your individual style. Here are some of the most up to date trends in lighting today.

kitchen island with tapBuilder Concept Home 2011

Take a look at these kitchen photos, you'll see one current trend in kitchen lighting.

Recessed ceiling lighting was not just a trend; it was almost obligatory in the kitchen. Whilst recessed lighting hasn't gone away, pendants and other hanging lighting above kitchen islands is a distinct trend today. Functional and stylish, having a low hanging light to illuminate your kitchen island is a trend that is likely to stay with us for a long time.  And now there is a new DIY feature light product where you can simply transform boring down lights to stylish pendants - the pendant fitting simply twists onto the downlight frame.

hiltonhilton_lightsDSC_3093_working_domain_2 - Copy

Low heat, high performance, versatile and highly energy efficient, LED lighting is perfect in places in the kitchen, where having sufficient light used to be a problem. The compact size and low temperature of LED light makes it the right choice for your display cabinets or to illuminate areas under your overhead cabinets. Get your electrician to install these with separate dimmer switches and customise the look and feel of your kitchen simply by highlighting different features or dimming the lights to suit the occasion.

focal_point_diyWall Art -- photo by Reiner Kraftpt-lighting

More than any other room in the house, the living room needs a variety of lighting options.

For times when you want the room uniformly illuminated, recessed lights are always great. Now that we have new lighting options like halogen, LED and compact fluorescent lights, we have even greater options in recessed living room lighting. The minimalist glow that comes from rows of compact recessed LED or halogen lights is one current trend.

In contrast to concealed ceiling lighting, trendsetters looking for the loft look are going retro with old-fashioned track lighting systems fitted with LED lights. Unlike in the past, when track lighting was usually in a colour that matched the ceiling, matt black against a white ceiling is "tres chic" or for a little more subtley, you can choose grey or natural aluminium.

Other trends in living room lighting include:
Pendant lights in classic or ultra-modern designs. Chandeliers are back in vogue, both in traditional settings and as a strikingly bold statement in an otherwise minimalist interior.

The loft look is represented in floor lamps on stainless steel tripod stands and table lamps with articulated arms reminiscent of office desk lamps of the sixties and seventies.

lighted stairsOutdoor under seat lighting tree lights

Thanks to LED lights, and cleverly designed solar-recharging lights, the biggest trend in outdoor lighting is the garden light. Garden lights can be installed anywhere without the necessity of wiring.  Since they can be installed anywhere, they are installed anywhere they can illuminate a path, highlight a garden feature or create ambiance outdoors.

There are so many ways to use outdoor lighting today, it has led to the establishment of a new profession. Just as a kitchen companies have kitchen designs on their categories, many lighting suppliers now employ outdoor lighting designers to help their customers create just the right look.

For some bright lighting ideas, try browsing the web. You'd be surprised what options, information and ideas would be readily available.  Though contacting a lighting design consultant in your area would be nice, try renovating blogs and forums to gather ideas w/o touching your budget just yet. Sites like have some blog articles that may come in handy.  Topics and facts about most products and some latest trends in lighting are normally discussed in these blogs. With their help, you can light up your life with a coordinated, energy efficient lighting solution for your home.

Happy Renovating!