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Lock up and leave…is your home secure for summer?

After the chaos of Christmas day, it is time to lock up and leave your home to escape down to the beach for the heat of January and New Years. But before you break out the beach bags and head to the coast, it may be wise to double check your home security. Whilst the city slowly empties over January, the crime rate intensifies by as much as 15%. Is your home ready to lock up and leave?


As burglars become smarter and wiser with their ability to break into homes without leaving a trace, home security systems are also improving to combat these criminals. A popular new home security trend is the installation of keyless locks for your front door. No key means no keyhole which means no ability for a burglar to pick your lock. Along with improved security, keyless locks provide convenience and reliable technology.

The customizable KASecurity keyless lock from the Renovator store uses a remote button, electronic proximity cards or fobs or a 4 to 6 digit personal code for access.  It is a high security lock with the latest in reliable keyless technology. You can now leave the house without your keys and simply unlock your door with the press of a button or wave of a card/fob!

The flexibility of using either a 4-6 digit code, a fob pass or a keycard means that everyone in the family can enter and exit the house without the need for a single key. If you have cleaners or tradesmen coming for the day, a temporary digit code can be customized to grant temporary access.



A panic exit function means that you will always be able to exit your home from the inside. By simply turning the handle down, your door will unlock for fast access.

A tamper alert siren means that if three incorrect codes are entered in a row or if three unauthorized fobs or swipe cards are used, an acoustic-optic alarm will sound and there will be a one-minute lock out.

Upon entering your home, the keyless lock will automatically lock behind you within 5 seconds. If you cease to close your door properly, an alarm will sound to warn you of this.

When the batteries are running low, an alarm will sound to warn you that you have 20 more entries before the keyless lock will run out of battery (4 x AAA batteries).

If you lock yourself out or your keyless lock runs out of battery, two emergency master keys are provided that are non-copyable. Many customers chose to purchase an outdoor key safe where they can store their master key in case they run into difficulty. These can also be purchased from the Renovator Store.

Installation is recommended to be done by a builder, carpenter or locksmith. An electrician is not required as the KASecurity keyless lock is battery powered. A handyman or handy husband may attempt the installation with the easy-to-use installation manual which is provided on the product page of the Renovator Store website. The keyless lock can be chosen to suit 4 styles of door openings with hinges on the left or right and opening towards you or away.


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