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Does your lounge room look like a bird's nest of cables?

Are you sick of staring at that big black mass of cords and cables that sneak out from behind your TV unit? Do you have any idea of what people are talking about when they say HDMI? It’s time to get savvy about technology and clean up that bird’s nest of cables!


What is HDMI?

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. It is a type of transmission that enables high definition and multichannel audio to be relayed between a variety of audio, video and computer sources. This enables you to use one single cord to interconnect all the high-quality, digital components of your home cinema system. The popularity of HDMI means that almost all brands and all high-definition products have opted for HDMI connections making for a near-universal connection.


‘What length cord should I buy?’

Many people believe that 10 metres is the maximum length of HDMI cord that should be used due to clarity and activity. If your console is behind or beside your TV, 10 metres is long enough however if you are wanting to store all consoles and cords in a hidden cupboard away from the TV itself, making for a cable-free environment, there are some unique companies that specialise in longer cords.

The Renovator Store is one of few companies that offer HDMI cords at lengths of up to 20m! HDMI 1.4 is the new and improved standard of HDMI cables boasting great new features such as compatibility with the latest smart TVs, 3D TVs and Blu-ray consoles. The HDMI cables sold by the Renovator Store all come in durable casing so that they can be installed within the walls without an issue and have been rigorously tested up to 50 metres for clarity and precise audio and picture viewing.

Home cinema

Label everything so you always know which cord belongs to what.

Bundle up and tie down the extra cord length to prevent impossible tangles.

Separate your power cords from your audio-visual cords by connecting the two subsets to different power points.


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