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Mains and Filtered water from a Single Tap

In all the days that we spend in the kitchen, one dilemma every parent, cook and most especially multitasking mothers or guardians would have is to drop everything to give your child a glass of drinking water.

Have you ever felt the annoyance of having to switch from mains water to filtered drinking water on separate taps?

The new Swedia Otto gives access to both mains water and drinking filtered water all in the same tap. With 2 levers to control each line, mains water flows through the aerator while filtered water flows from the centre.

drinking kidThis fantastic design means you do not need a separate faucet tap for your filtered drinking water saving you valuable bench space and preserving a minimalist design. Renovator Store sells a matching under-sink ceramic membrane water purifier filter unit separately, or simply connect your existing under-sink unit to the standard inlet.

Aside from getting to access both streams of water from the same tap, This Kitchen mixer boasts of high-quality components. Using high quality ceramic disc mixer cartridges, this mixer provides a fluid and reliable change in water flow and temperature.

Puretec Puremix X7 Water Filter

SWEDIA Otto - Stainless steel kitchen sink mixer with filtered water outlet - Brushed

This European designed stainless steel kitchen mixer is forged from 304 sanitary grade stainless steel and uses only the best components:

NEOPERL® Aerators from Switzerland
Tucai® inlet hoses from Spain
Mingshi ceramic cartridges.

Nowadays though, your kitchen tap doesn't have to just look good, they also have to perform and function perfectly whilst potentially saving your household or premises energy or money on your utility bills.

33_61_7126_13S_explosive_drawingAdding simple elements to your kitchen such as aerated taps might be a small addition but in the long run, this simple outlet can potentially reduce the amount of water you utilise.  The aerator within the tap is a vital component in the overall performance of the tap itself and it has a number of advantages.

By slowing the flow of water, the Swedia Otto kitchen mixer instantly becomes more energy efficient. The slowing of the water is of course, caused by mixing the water with air as it leaves the tap (aeration). This does not compromise the water pressure, but simply reduces the volume of water passing through the outlet. The reduce in the flow helps to reduce the environmental impact of the household and by installing aerated taps you can save a substantial amount of money on your utility bills every year.

Think about all the times you may have left the tap running whilst doing the washing dishes. Reducing the flow rate of your tap saves you litres of water per minute and imagine what that can save you on the utility bills on an annual basis.


SWEDIA Otto - Stainless steel kitchen sink mixer with filtered water outlet - Brushed