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How to Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Spa

The stressful long hours at work, the traffic, the kids, the annoying boss... You definitely deserve a trip to the spa to relax and pamper yourself. However squeezing in time to do so can seem almost impossible amongst the rush of daily life. Therefore the easy solution is to bring the spa to you! Here are some fabulous ways to make your bathroom feel like a spa.

Size Isn't Everything


A spa is all about satisfying your olfactory, visual and auditory senses, none of which are concerned with the size of your bathroom. Therefore you'll find that a small bathroom is just as suitable as a large bathroom when aiming to create your own personal spa.


Add a Tub


Contrary to popular belief you don't need an enormous bathroom to have a bath or jacuzzi. There are many different sizes of tubs available, so you're bound to find one perfect for you. To further increase your sensation of relaxation you may also like to attach a headrest to your tub!


Opt for Minimalism


Most spas use minimalistic style in order to create the desired atmosphere. Just remember the space needs to be clean, cosy and comfy. Opt to install a nice vanity in the bathroom as it can save you space, and make the whole space seem larger. It can be used to store towels, soap, shampoos, lotions etc.


Chose Calming Colours


Decorate with earthy tones such as brown and green to connect your bathroom to nature and instil a relaxing visual appeal. Although if your space is a little smaller use beige or neutral colours to create a spacial illusion!


Add Wooden Detailing


Furthermore pair these hues with wooden detailing to draw further warmth and comfort into the space. You can do this through floorboards, wooden panelling or something more creative such as bamboo sinks! Check out this article for more information on rustic stylings...


Luxurious Touches


Roll your towels up in the same way they do at the spa. It'll give your room classy appeal. Next, invest in a fluffy white bathrobe! Remember to store both of these items within reach of your shower/tub for maximum functionality.


Aromatherapy Treatment Is a Must

Your home spa is simply not complete without aromatherapy. You can pamper yourself with different kinds of smells. For example, in the morning you can you can take a bath with a mint scented soap as it'll wake you up and refresh you. But before you go to bed, Putney Loft Conversion suggests to use a lotion of lavender or jasmine as these aromas will calm your body down. Other key products you may use include minerals and salts. Simply pop them in the tub to relax your body and soften your skin.

Spa atmosphere candle with zen stones in sand still nature

In addition to the lotions and soaps try lighting some candles whilst taking a bath to create a more sensual experience. Low wattage LEDs will also soften the light, creating a sense of romance. Finally decorate with orchids as they'll add stunning colour to the room, making it even more exotic.


Final Preparations

Another factor that'll help you enjoy your home-made spa is the addition of music. Put together a relaxing playlist on your phone and connect it to a waterproof bluetooth speaker. You'll feel absolutely amazing! Last, but not least, treat yourself to a glass of champagne or wine whilst taking a bath in order to fully enjoy the amazing experience of having a spa in your very own home.

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