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Make your first apartment feel like a real home  

After a long day at Uni or behind the desk at your first job, you return home to relax. Your house feels bland and silent. Your living room is cold and there’s nothing to distinguish your room from the tenant across the hallway. Whether its your first apartment or you just have never had the chance to decorate, the time has come to create a space that feels like its yours. No matter what your budget, these top 5 tips will get you rolling.


Save on hard furniture, spend on soft furnishings

A few hard furniture items such as a bed frame and coffee table could set you back hundreds of dollars and not look too different to similar ones at IKEA that are a fraction of the price. Save your money for the decorating and don’t splurge on bigger items that will get hidden under cushions and décor anyway.

Apartment_Soft_Furnishings  Cosy_apartment_furnishings_3 Cosy_apartment_furnishings_4

Buy Two

No matter how many little knick knacks you pull together from your grandpa that has just moved into a nursing home, your original bedroom at a home and the quirky selection of house warming presents, your home is going to look like an op shop until you get some uniformity. Pick a colour theme and buy 2 of each furniture item. Two chairs, two poofs and two lamps. Often, a table or cabinet will look silly on its own, not to mention its lack of storage ability. By purchasing two, you have doubled your storage and constructed a piece of furniture that will stand its own ground.


Cosy_apartment_22 Cosy_apartment_222

Wallpaper or chalkboard decals

If you are renting or cant afford anything large to give that gigantic bland wall a fresh new look, invest in some wallpaper or chalkboard decals. Designed to be easily transferred from one surface to the next, decals are perfect when not wanting to leave a trace. Chalkboard decals are a fun way to customize your lounge room and impress guests. Make a list of groceries, have a game of noughts and crosses and leave a message for housemates.


Apartment_interior_renovation_wallpaper Cosy_apartment_wallp Cosy_apartment_wallpaper

Add a rug

Something colourful on the floor or soft on the couch will make your home feel a little more comfortable and lived in. Even draping a sheepskin over your study chair will keep you feeling cosy all day. Flat weave rugs are best for lounge room and high traffic areas as they are easy to clean. Invest in something soft and fluffy on the floor besides your bed to sink your toes into each night.

cosy_apartment_rug cosy_apartment_rug_throw

Finishing touch

Treat yourself to something beautiful. Whether it be that pretty piece of artwork that you will look at 20 times a day or that 1000 thread doona cover set that you will sleep under every night, it is YOUR apartment so treat yourself to something special.

Apartment_interior_renovation_wallpaper Cosy_apartment_dooner

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