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How to Make Your Room Seem Bigger

It doesn't matter how spacious your room is, its what you do with that space that matters most. In fact, decorating small spaces is a challenge as much as it is a reward. Throughout this blog i'm going to teach you about the various manipulative tips and tricks which can make a room seem bigger, and what you should definitely avoid so your room doesn't seem smaller. 


Opt for Minimalist Designs

The first trick to making a space seem bigger than it is in actuality is the principle of minimalism. Minimalism fixes the issue of clutter, letting more light into your room and giving you more space to move.


In order to achieve minimalistic design you need start off by sorting through all your possessions. You must only keep what you absolutely need within the room, and nothing else. You will quickly learn that you have a lot of stuff that can be stored somewhere else in your household, or that you don't need at all! You will also realise that less can indeed be more. For ideas try looking at examples of nordic interior design, as one of the key principles of this style is minimalism.

Smart storage techniques:


Now what do you do with that necessary stuff that has to stay in the room? Using creative storage techniques you can hide your items from plain sight, continuing on with the theme of minimalism. Instead of placing a huge cupboard or cabinet in the room have bookshelves or drawers made that inset into the wall. Alternatively try coffee tables and ottomans with hidden storage compartments within.


Use Small Rugs


A rug can be used to manipulate the appearance of a space. A smaller rug will make your room appear huge, as it will expose a large quantity of floorspace. Alternatively a large rug that consumes most of the floorspace will diminish the size of the room. Apart from being a space manipulation tool a rug can of course also add style and flair to your room. Check out these beautiful carpets from Zado which are both unique and functional.


Manipulate the Light

enhanced-25485-1400444833-9 Jutta Vevica Dietrich /


The way in which your room is illuminated can affect the way in which it is perceived. Dim lighting can serve to make your room seem smaller, so alternatively opt for higher wattage lights.

Moreover opt for a series of lamps or hanging lights placed around the room, rather than one downlight centred in the middle of the roof. A downlight pools all the light in one spot, creating shadows in the corners which make the room appear smaller. Try these hanging vintage LED lights to add unique flair to your room.


Wall Color and Pattern

Modern Minimalist Living Room Design13

Another thing that can make your room seem larger is its colour. Try brighter colours such as white, cream or subtle greys and yellows. Patterning your wall can also impact dimensions: vertical stripes increase the height of the room, whilst horizontal stripes make it seem wider. 


As you can see, where there is will, there is always a way. Regardless of how big your room is, what matters the most is how much effort and research you are going to put into it. In order to create truly elegant ambiance, you must rely more on your imagination and creativity and less on material resources.

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