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Making the most of your bathroom design

When designing your new home or renovation plans, the bathroom tends to be one of the trickiest areas. It is a matter of squeezing everything you need onto the floor plan without compromising necessary open space.


Within the bathroom, a shower, toilet and basin are 3 necessities. On top of this, sufficient storage is desirable as well as perhaps a bath, vanity and mirror. Towel rails, shower heads, shower grates, storage shelves, toilet roll holders and robe hooks all come last – if there’s any room or money left in the budget!


Negotiating open space with shower size is often a difficult decision. Nobody wants to be hitting their elbows on the walls whilst washing their hair yet there needs to be ample space to move around in front of the vanity and use the basin.


Besides from the European ‘wet rooms' where everything is designed to get wet, corner showers are the simplest way of saving space. Another option is to place your shower down one end of your bathroom and build a partition either out of tiles or simply glass. The openness makes the room feel bigger but the partial wall gives some privacy.


Doors are a big space-taker in bathrooms. Opt for a sliding door rather than a hinged door and save the precious square footage.


Wall space is the best-kept secret in small bathrooms. So much can be done on a blank wall. Hang a mirror, attach some robe hooks, install a heated towel rail or build some floating shelves.


Within your shower, install a shelf in order to keep your soaps and products off the ground. Bath baskets as well as soap dishes, soap dispensers and shelves will keep everything within easy access and save you from bending down.

Shower_Shelf_Bathroom_Renovation Shower_Shelf_Bathroom_Renovation

Rain shower heads are a simple way of turning your bathroom from modern to luxurious, regardless of the size. Made to stimulate raindrops falling, rain showerheads provide elegance and the beauty of enjoying warm rain within your own home. Mounting a rain showerhead from the ceiling will allow for greater room of movement.

Rain_Shower_Head_Round_Bathroom Rain_Shower_Head_Round_2

Many options surround water drainage issues. Traditionally, most showers have a central floor waste however linear shower grates with tile insert options are currently the hype of bathroom style. Linear shower grates don’t just look great but they reduce the labouring hours of your tiler due to the simple installation of them. Unlike central wastes where all tiles must be angled downwards in order for water to run off, linear grates opt for one smooth tile gradient over the entire shower floor.

Shower_Grate_Bathroom_Renovation Shower_Grate_Bathroom_Renovation Shower_Grate_Bathroom_Renovation

To save on floor space, why not install a wall mounted towel rail, or better, a heated towel rail. Heated towel rails can be installed with hard wiring by an electrician or simply plugged into a power point. With the installation of a heated towel rail, you will never believe how you survived those cold winter mornings without it.

Heated_Towel_Rail_Bathroom heated_towel_rail_bathroom_renovation_DIY

Push the boundaries today with your small bathroom renovation. There’s no reason why a smaller space has to be a less-lavish design!


One thought on “Making the most of your bathroom design”
  • Karel Fontaine

    I am looking for a bath-cum-shower where there is easy access to shower and I can enjoy sitting in hot water - not full length (save hot water and space). I there a moulded vessle that can be bought? (I am in Tasmania!!-not a lot of choice.
    I like the blog--many thanks. Karel

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