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Must Read home improvement garage solutions

Garages are often filled to the brim with last years broken Christmas lights and half filled paint tins that will never be opened. It is quite often the one room of the house where cleanliness is not an issue and with time, it is the dumping ground for anything muddy, broken and with no where else to go. Why not clear up this valuable space and add some clever storage solutions that will get everything off the floor and allow your garage to be used for its intended purpose – your car. But if your car can cope with the outside elements, why not add living space and house value by converting your garage into your very own home gym, games room or guest quarters.

Garage Solutions

Garages are optimal places to store everything from sporting equipment to garden rakes, camping attire and off-season beach apparel. The goal is to store as much as you can, with the space that you have, yet all in an organised fashion. So often space is wasted so take the time to re-design your garage area and add litres of storage space. Have you ever considered the space above your door or the masses of wall space besides your car? A simple addition of DIY shelving and hooks can double, if not triple you current storage options.


Converted pool room garage spaceConverting your garage into extra living space can be an inexpensive way of adding considerable value to your home. After council approval is granted and insulation and waterproofing are taken care of, it’s time to decide how to use your extra space based on family needs and home value. This is worth discussing with your local estate agent. Common conversions include home gyms, bar and gaming rooms or even guest quarters. The room created should be based on the size and dimensions of your pre-existing garage as well as its location in relation to the rest of the house. The main thing is to create a flowing floor plan where your new room is made to feel like its always belonged to the rest of the house.



Other ingenious ideas that have been seen in garage conversions include cellars, photographic studio, billiard room, one bedroom apartment, home cinema, greenhouse, art studio, home brewery, man cave, study, teenager retreat, indoor children’s playground, sauna and spa, home hairdressing salon, pool room or even pet kennel. It all depends on how you like to spend your time and what will give you the most value and enjoyment from your money and space.







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