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Retro! Vintage! Groovy! Get the Mid-Century Modern Look!!

Today mid-century modern is a growing trend.  The mid-century modern style combines beauty, innovation, and function for a timelessly appealing aesthetic. Retro.  Vintage. Groovy. Whatever you call Mid-Century, we've got inspiration for working it into your decor.  Here's how to get a retro-inspired look without going overboard. 


CLEAN LINES AND NATURAL HUES The major characteristics of true mid-century modern pieces of furniture are their clean crisp simple lines, and sharp, geometric shapes. They have a variety of vivid colours, unique materials, and excellent quality. 


LET WOOD DETAILS SHINE In this living room the wood details take center stage. Wood pieces, often made of teak, are simply finished to showcase their natural beauty. 


USE LIGHTING AS A FOCAL POINT The hanging lamp is a major element of mid-century modern decor. Clear or coloured glass spheres, cylinders, and pendants add retro style, as do brass, teak, and chrome shades.  

USE AN AREA RUG choose bold geometrics, modern abstract designs, and solid or multi coloured shag patterns. A solid or neutral color balances brightly coloured furniture and accessories, while a vibrant rug adds a pop of colour in a predominantly neutral room. Cow hides are another groovy choice from the mid-century era.


KEEP THE WALLS WHITE Mid-century style is all about showcasing quality pieces, so try keeping your walls white. This room's neutral palette allows the artwork and the rich mustard gold velvet on the vintage couch to stand out.


LESS IS MORE Subtlety and thoughtful craftsmanship are much of what makes mid-century style timeless. 


PICK A COLOUR SCHEME Mid-century modern furniture makes use of vivid colours like red, burnt orange, mustard gold, rich turquoise, teal, olive green, or chartreuse combined with black or white. 


 ADD A SUNBURST MIRROR OR CLOCK Create a great focal point with a sunburst mirror or clock, they add a mid-century vibe, evoking post-war optimism or the dawn of the Space Age. 


FIND RETRO ART Wall art is a key element of modern decorating. It pulls a room's look together. Add an unexpected element  to your home with a vintage art piece. Opt for geometric patterns, and look for graphic wall hangings using squares or circles.


FIND A MID-CENTURY MOBILE Alexander Calder revolutionized the art of sculpture by making movement one of its main components. Here we have  an Alexander Calder inspired mobile that brings interest, movement and colour to the space.


DECORATE WITH VINTAGE ACCESSORIES coordinate colours with some of the range and beauty of the gorgeous mid-century "modernist" glass. These vintage treasures can often be found in thrift stores, at flea markets, or even in garage sales.

One thought on “Retro! Vintage! Groovy! Get the Mid-Century Modern Look!!”
  • Brandie Kenna

    Great article...really nice examples and great suggestions. The thing I love about mid century is that pieces work in modern and older homes as they are so warm and charismatic. A great way to add soul to cold spaces! Add some mid century magic today!

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