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Minimalist Kitchen Storage Ideas to De-clutter Your Kitchen

There are various ways to maintain a minimalist kitchen, and having proper kitchen storage solutions is one of them. Since you don’t want to live with a minimalist kitchen that’s a messy kitchen at the same time, here are some hacks to keep your kitchen uncluttered.

Interior of a modern grey and white kitchen with some kitchen attributes.

Kitchen Storage: A Place for Every Thing...

How can you store something away if there’s no storage for it? Make sure you have a proper place for every kitchen item.

Decide what goes into the kitchen cabinets, what to put on your shelves, and what to keep in the pantry. What’s in the cupboard? Is the spice rack exclusively for spices only? What should remain on the kitchen counter, if at all?

The rule of thumb is to keep similar things together. You could use the drawers for silverware and cookware, the cupboards for plates, bowls, and containers, and shelves for appliances, devices, etc. Just make sure you have sufficient storage for everything that you need in the kitchen.

dried pasta in jars on a shelf in a domestic kitchen. Very shallow depth of field focusing on the middle jar.

...and Everything in Its Place

Of course, you make a home for everything in your kitchen so that they can stay there. After assigning their proper places, you need to keep things in their designated storage locations and make a habit of returning them there after use.

Whenever you go into the kitchen, spend two minutes to check if anything is out of place and put it back where it belongs. If you see something but can’t decide where it should go, maybe it doesn’t belong in the kitchen. See if there’s any item that’s not needed in the kitchen and take it to its own home.

Ceramic ware and kitchen ware setting up on the counter in the kitchen

KEEP YOUR KITCHEN COUNTERS CLEAR. The kitchen counter is the easiest place to dump things, and before you know it soon it's filled with mugs, knife racks, even keys, mail, and all sorts of clutter. What to do?

  • Remove everything that’s not necessary (like decor or small appliances).
  • Complete your unfinished tasks (like washing dishes).
  • Don’t put things down on the countertop. Put things away where they belong.

Stick to a clear counter mindset for some time until it becomes a lifestyle!

modern kitchen in white and walnut wood interior house

Kitchen Cabinets for Clutter-Free Kitchens

Storage solutions for minimalist kitchens can get a lot of help from kitchen cabinets. After all, cabinets allow you to keep things behind closed doors. By the way, cabinets with the least details, with no handles, and in a plain colour seem to best fit a minimalist kitchen.

pull-out kitchen drawer

DRAWERS. Kitchen cabinets with drawers help you to have clutter-free kitchen counters. Drawers also help to organise kitchen essentials while keeping them within reach when needed. They also maximise cabinet space and provide convenient access through innovative pull-out mechanisms. Choose kitchen drawers that are easy to clean, with soft-close runners, and designed for simple installation.


CORNER STORAGE. It’s a great idea to utilise even cabinet corners by having cleverly designed pull-out storage solutions. Cabinet organisers with engineered movements make it much easier to reach corners and other areas in the cabinet that are otherwise inaccessible and unused. Look for easy-to-install corner storage that is designed for quick assembly. Some are even adjustable after you’ve already installed them.

narrow 150mm under bench pull out cabinet 2 tier left side mount_preview

UNDER-BENCH PULL-OUT ORGANISERS. Use that area beneath your counter or under the bench. There are pull-out solutions that give you additional storage under the countertops. This is an easy-access location where you can keep cooking utensils, knives, and condiments.

Choose Minimalist Kitchen Storage

Closed storage units allow you to quickly put things in them and not worry about how they’re arranged. If you think that works for you, then minimise open shelves and wall hooks unless you can always keep them looking tidy.

Now whether you use cabinets or shelves, it will be good to use a minimalist colour combination like the classic all-white, greys or other neutrals, a single hue, or a monotone palette.

blue themed kitchen

Concealed Kitchen Appliances

Do you think countertops are very convenient for your daily-use appliances like the coffee maker? Or do they spend more time as clutter? Like all else in your kitchen, find a better place for them that is just as accessible.

Now, minimalist kitchens are known for sleek appliances. “Sleek” means the looks, the technology, as well as the ability to be discreetly stored away.

Kitchen appliances have evolved in recent years. Many have become smaller and have fewer buttons or switches. Some appliances are even designed to be almost unnoticeable, making them a smart match for your modern minimalist kitchen.

Modern, steel, pad coffee maker with two porcelain cups

In many kitchens, cupboard doors or sliding doors provide storage for smaller kitchen appliances like microwaves and toasters. Look around your kitchen and see if there are similar hiding places for your kitchen appliances.

Some use multi-function appliances (an induction stove that has a steamer and grinder, a pot that has a chopping function, a combination microwave where you can grill, roast, bake, and heat or defrost of course), as they obviously save kitchen space.

And while we’re at it, why not get a three-way tap that could minimise your need for a kettle?


Pantry Storage in a Minimalist Kitchen

Food storage is one critical aspect of kitchen storage that is sometimes not given much attention. Someone said that a well-stocked pantry is like money in the bank, so you have to make sure that you’ve got enough storage that’s appropriate for your pantry supplies.

Here are a few tips for your kitchen pantry:

  • Use clear containers for your dry goods like nuts, pasta, seeds, cereals, etc.
  • Have scoops for items that need to be scooped (e.g., sugar, flour, rice).
  • Put labels on the containers to distinguish items that look similar.
  • Use pantry bins for things that usually clutter your kitchen shelves.
  • Arrange your stuff logically and intuitively.


Renovator Store has innovative kitchen pantry storage solutions that can further help you declutter your minimalist kitchen. These pantry storage systems are designed to retrofit into standard kitchen cupboard sizes or as a fresh install into brand new cupboards and pantries.

Kitchen Waste Bins for a Clutter-Free Kitchen

A modern kitchen will most likely produce more waste than other rooms in the house. You will definitely need waste bins so that you can immediately clear out the rubbish off your kitchen surfaces. You’ll surely need more than one waste bin to handle a variety of trash. They also need to be big enough for your needs yet small enough to hide away.


UNDER-SINK WASTE BINS. Under-sink kitchen waste bins are a singular solution to many a minimalist kitchen. Look for a waste bin that easily slides out and back in, with a soft-close mechanism, and to match your kitchen cupboard size.

BENCH-TOP WASTE BINS. If you want something compact for your countertop, get a bench-top concealed waste bin that’s perfect for small kitchen spaces. This will let you slide rubbish directly from the countertop and into the bin. Find a model that has a stainless steel lid to maintain hygiene as well as cleanliness.


WASTE BINS WITH SENSORS. How do you open the bin if your hands are full? Get an auto-sensor waste bin that’s a perfect fit in your modern kitchen. It uses auto-sensor technology that automatically opens it once motion is detected above it and closes quietly after you throw in your trash. Check out Renovator Store’s range of stainless steel auto-sensor rubbish bins in a glossy finish.


A Modern Kitchen Needs Effective Kitchen Storage Solutions

We all love having a modern kitchen or a contemporary kitchen or a classic kitchen, but one thing to be proud of is having a clean and uncluttered kitchen. That’s easier to achieve today than in the past, with better-designed kitchens, more efficient storage solutions, modern appliances, and a wide variety of kitchen design options.

blue themed kitchen

Kitchen storage solutions abound -- cupboard dish racks, slide-out organisers, drawer organisers, pantry storage systems, kitchen waste bins, wall storage, corner storage -- the list goes on. Which ones have worked for you in the past? Which do you want to try soon?

To help you explore what storage solutions could be missing in your kitchen, check out your choices on Renovator Store. Enjoy free shipping on most items and a 30-day money back guarantee for members.

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