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Mixing Your Metals

What’s the proper way to mix metals? When renovating and designing your home, architectural developments and designs have been changing continuously. In the early days, most people bought matching sets of furniture for bedrooms and living rooms. In the last 20 years, the trend has totally changed.

Nowadays, mixed metal designs are seen in bathrooms and kitchens. If you are starting from scratch or want to get your finishes more cohesive – there are a few tips to follow:

1. Knobs on cabinets and dressers are the “jewelry” of your spaces, and you should have fun with them. Do whatever pleases you.

2. Light fixtures should be fairly consistent – but it also very much depends on the look and decor in the room too.

3. Faucet finishes can be mixed, that depends on the space.

Gardenweb Brickmanhouse

4. Door knobs and hinges should be consistent throughout the the house.

5. Using two metals are fine as long as they complement each other quite nicely.
The trick is to keep things cohesive, all of the cabinets hardware should match each other and all of the door handles and hinges should match each other.

Dark cabinet handles can be a wonderful contrast to weathered brass pendants over a kitchen island.

via blog.horton brasses from Southern Living

6. DO NOT mix and match hardware on your doors. It’ll end up looking like you purchased whatever hardware you could find in the clearance bins.

7. For small spaces, you may want to keep things consistent just because things that close can look less layered and balanced in different tones. The last thing you’re going for is an I-updated-half-the-fixtures-but-left-the-rest-so-they-don’t-match effect.

Mixing up metals is a wonderful way to get a warm and welcoming feel to your home.  It’s not so predictable and gives a lot of depth to spaces. It creates that collected over time and vintage appeal that we all seem to love these days. It can make your home warm and inviting, whether or not all the metals match or not.

Mixing things up in a room gives the space depth and character and keeps a decor from being too defined by a trend or time period. If you mix and layer accessories and keep your style a little eclectic, then it won't be such a big deal when trends come and go. It is fun to get new things and keep your style current while still being able to tie in things you've had forever!


These framed vintage sea life prints in various finishes give the right amount of whimsy and class, and they look fabulous against this navy wall!

Bottom line is in mixing metals for your home design, all you need is to be true to yourself and know what you love.

After all, it is YOUR home!

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