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New vs. Used Appliances – Buying Guide

As luck would have it, right when the holiday season is upon you and your budget is already overstretched, your most favourite and essential appliance has given up. What can you do except buy a new one? Buy a used one, of course!


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New Appliances Vs Used Appliances

Pros and Cons – The biggest benefit of buying used appliances is the cost factor. Plus, big brands which had always been out of your reach can become attainable. The disadvantage is that the appliance might look used. You can, of course, look for a used model that hasn’t gone through much wear and tear but extra hard work is needed for that. Plus, the warranty that you get with a used appliance would be less as compared to that of a new one. A new appliance, on the other hand, has its complete warranty. There is also the advantage of buying the best possible and current technology. However, even people who tend to buy new appliances during the sale/holiday period know that the supply runs out quickly. Also, the cost is too hefty for the average consumer.

Which Appliances Are Better Bought New?

Mostly, major appliances like refrigerators should be bought new. If you are honest with yourself, you would buy every appliance brand new and straight out of the box if you could afford it. This is why, for a normal person, all appliances are best bought new. However, if you cannot afford new appliances all the time but you want a great warranty, you can try scratch and dent appliances. These are those appliances which are straight out of the box. However, they have a few cosmetic issues - little scratches or dents mar their appearance and have occurred in the store. These appliances are costlier than used appliances but still a lot cheaper than new appliances.

Which Appliances Are Better Bought Used?

Generally, most people stick to small or medium appliances when they go the used way. Again, given the popularity of the internet and the convenience with which old appliances can be bought and sold, any appliance can be purchased in a used or refurbished state. This includes anything from dishwashers, convection ovens, and microwaves, cooking appliances and cooking ranges to freezers, refrigerator, washing machines, furnaces and air-conditioners. However, as much as possible, make sure that if you are going to buy a major appliance in a refurbished or used state, it has a long life of warranty attached to it.

Important Factors While Choosing Between Used and New Appliances

The following are some important factors which should be considered when you choose between used and new appliances:

➢ Brand – Look for recognized brands that have a reputation for offering durable and efficient appliances. For instance – when it comes to large appliances, the best brands are Samsung, LG, Kenmore and Whirlpool. For small appliances, Proctor Silex, Hamilton Beach and Panasonic are great options.

➢ Warranty – Since the new appliance would have complete warranty, you have to find out how much efficient life your used appliance is offering. For instance, if your used refrigerator only has 1 year left from its 10 year warranty, it would be useless. Instead, you can look for another used appliance with a better warranty. It is also important to get all the paperwork from the seller.

➢ Condition – You need to make sure that the appliance is in good condition. Learn to look beyond the cosmetic defects. Used and refurbished appliances are sent back for repair work but you still need to be careful. Look for any mismatched elements in the appliance as that could be a sign of a major repair work in the past.

Finally, make sure you research well before you decide to invest in a used or refurbished appliance. The average life of dishwashers and microwave is 10 years, and that of dryers, ovens, stoves, refrigerators and washing machines is 20 years. You should always give great weight to actual consumer opinions and comments.

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