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Organise your wardrobe, organise your life

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the average woman spends $1700 a year on clothes and related items and 51% of wardrobe items are not worn within a 12 month period. The time has come to clear out your wardrobe this winter and invest in some efficient storage units that will care for your shoes, shirts and smalls appropriately.


There’s no point owning and spending thousands of dollars on beautiful fashion pieces if they can’t be found amongst the clutter and junk in your wardrobe. Organising your wardrobe can be a cleansing activity and help you to re-discover items that you forgot you even owned. Sort your pants from your shirts, your shoes from your pyjamas with sturdy, lightweight and adjustable storage units available at the!

Pull Out Wardrobe Baskets

Heuger Pull Out BasketThese pull out clothing baskets come in 2 depths and can be fitted into pre-existing cavities due to their adjusting frames. If you have a pre-existing closet, simply fit the 4 brackets to the walls and slide in the frame, which can extend up to 985mm in length. If renovating from scratch, either choose to build cavities according to the basket dimensions and fit the units yourself or choose to have your products shipped to your cabinetmakers where the cabinets can be built around your storage units. Made from lightweight aluminium, these wardrobe baskets are highly durable and can hold up to 15kg in weight. The high quality ball bearing steel runners guarantee a life well beyond the 2-year warranty provided and ensure efficient and functional solution to your wardrobe.

Pull Out Trouser Rack

Pull Out PantsRather than stacking your jeans, pants and trousers in messy piles on shelfs that are far too high to reach, hang your pants on a pull out trouser rack and never find a crease again. So often there is oodles of dead space below hanging shirts and above your untamed pile of shoes. The Heuger Wardrobe Trouser Rack is your solution to this. Made from a durable aluminium lightweight frame, the Heuger Wardrobe Trouser Rack allows for up to 14 pairs of trousers that all hang on removable rods to enable individual spacing and easy access. Utilising a smart expandable frame to fit a variety of pre-existing or new wardrobe designs, the Heuger Wardrobe Trouser Rack pulls out on ball bearing runners and is a practical, inexpensive DIY solution to upgrade your wardrobe.

Pull Out Shoe Storage

Pul_Out_Shoe_Storage_WardrobeSay goodbye to the closet shoe monster and welcome to efficient shoe storage that will provide endless seasons of organised and tidy shoe access. Holding 8 pairs of shoes per basket, install multiple shoe racks along the base of your wardrobe and you will never find yourself on hands and knees again, searching for the missing sole. The Hueger pull out shoe storage baskets come in a DIY kit and can be installed in pre-existing cavities or into new wardrobe designs. Aiming for efficient space utilization and simple access, Heuger Wardrobe products guarantee improved wardrobe function and minimal time wasting when it comes to getting ready in the daily morning rush.

Jump online at to organise your wardrobe and organise your life.

3 thoughts on “Organise your wardrobe, organise your life”
  • fluffynut

    In a 1960's 2-Bedrm flat with no storage, 72 pair of shoes, 2 dbl wardrobes, 3 chest-o-drawers & 1 Trunk of clothes + 8 full length evening gowns = I need more wardrobe space! 11 coats/jackets all in use. Don't ask about the HATS! Over 800 books, mountains of files & loose paper and no storage except the floor in every room. Collected too much 1920's art deco Amber glassware -basically I can't move in here.
    Can't open the entry door properly = too much furniture & no walls to hang 20+ artworks. Can't afford to sell, so what do I do, please? ..... apart from a tattslotto win!
    Do I need an interior designer, or just a bigger home?
    Comments welcome.

    • Scott Pendlebury

      There is always a solution for every home to make your personal items fit.

      - Donate to a charity any hats, clothes or other items you have't worn in the last year. Culling items you don't use will certainly reduce the amount of storage you need

      - An interior designer is always going to cost more versus finding the solution yourself.

      - We recommend finding an affordable cabinet maker and providing them with the internal storage solutions that you want - shoe racks, shirt racks, pant racks and so forth

    • Scott Pendlebury

      You have a very typical problem! Too much stuff and not enough space. Innovative storage and pull-out hardware can do wonders to help ensure you get the maximum out of your storage space. You will find these under "storage" on our website. BUT the biggest change you could make is getting access to your roof space (if you have some) by installing an attic ladder. Some old houses have 50% of your existing floor space as accessible storage area in the roof. All you need is an attic ladder suited for the frequency you need it, and maybe get some flooring installed in the roof space. We sell the best priced attic ladders in Australia from the three top brands. An attic ladder is usually less than a few months storage at a storage centre, yet it gives you a permanent solution

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