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Outdoor and garden lighting inspiration

Investing a small amount of time and money into outdoor lighting can turn your deck and garden into a multi-seasonal living space whilst increasing street appeal, security and beauty. Without realising, the backyard can become a whole new room at night but it can’t be enjoyed unless there is sufficient lighting to create warmth and atmosphere. Discover the perimeter and potential of your back yard this winter with the addition of some outdoor deck and garden lights and you will soon find that you will no longer be curled up on the couch these cold winter evenings but instead, outside entertaining in your new paradise.



There are many ways and places in which outdoor lighting can be installed and it is important to find the right balance of brightness to match the mood that you want to create. Deck lighting, garden and pathway lighting and accent lighting all carry out a unique purpose but when combined, can turn your backyard into something surreal.


Outdoor Wall Lights

Outdoor wall lighting is a clever way to provide safety and security to your outdoor space. Whether it be fixed at the entrance of your house to welcome guests or elegantly scattered along an outside wall to create a warm glow, outdoor wall lighting certainly is a worthy investment. Wall lighting can be used to illuminate large areas or can be fixed and spotlighted on a certain aspect of your garden. It is important to choose a sturdy lighting fixture when considering outdoor lighting as they are in contact with the harsh outdoor elements. The best material to choose is 304 grade stainless steel which provides durability, rust-resistance, water-resistance and looks very stylish. Being 240V and LED compatible, the outdoor lights from are adjustable and include all screws, plugs and fitting for your electrician to hardwire them in. Order your outdoor wall lights today to create a warm, inviting and safe outdoor living space for all your friends and family to enjoy!


Garden and Pathway Lights

Outdoor garden and pathway lighting is one of fastest growing area of landscape and architecture. Street appeal and interest can increase 10-fold when a small amount is invested into outdoor lighting to accentuate beautiful garden design and increase the security and safety of your home. It has been proven that even a small amount of outdoor lighting throughout the front garden is a major deterrent for theft and crime. Pair this with the increase in safety that outdoor lighting provides to avoid trips and falls and it’s very hard to deny the benefits of outdoor garden and pathway lighting. Again, material choice is significant and 304 stainless steel or aluminium are the most durable and reliable materials to choose. By incorporating LED, outdoor lighting can be extremely safe and cost effective and can be left on all night without any stress or guilt.

Accent Lights

When a lot of time and money has gone into designing and maintaining an aesthetically pleasing garden to enhance your home throughout all seasons, it would be rude to not show it off at night as well as throughout the day. Accent lighting can be mounted upon walls or spiked into the garden and provide a strong beam or ray of light to illuminate your finest elements. When installing accent lighting, it is important to find a balance between the soft warm glow created by your garden and deck lighting and the intense luminance from spotlights. Placement is the key. The more concealed your spotlights are, the more magical your outdoor space will become. Keep in mind that flooding the area will take away from the soft moon glow and natural shadows that aim for an intimate atmosphere.

The Renovator Store has introduced 4 new ranges of outdoor lights to help enhance your backyard oasis. Made from either 304 stainless steel or sleek, black aluminium, the Sorrento, Bronte, Luna and Harmon outdoor lighting ranges are of the highest quality and the most competitive prices. All contain a COB chipboard, are GU 10 connection for LED or Halogen globes and includes all screws, plugs and fittings to fit to most exterior walls

To view the Renovators Store’s new ranges and invest in some of the highest quality, most durable and versatile outdoor lighting solutions, visit


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