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Outdoor updates this Spring

It is everyone's common knowledge that springtime seems like the best time to take on a fair-weather home renovation project. So while T-shirt weather is still sliding in, why not carve out a dreamy outdoor space ideal for cooking, dining, entertaining or napping then learn how to set the mood with the right lighting, furnishings and more.

Here are a few clever outdoor updates that can make your outdoors, your every neighbors envy.

Update your outdoor kitchen tapware


Unless you enjoy the extra workout, entertaining in your outdoors wouldn't be as fun, if half your time is spent on sprinting in your house to get filtered water for the guests.Though you could  try installing a separate tap for the filtered water, the hassle and smaller counter space might just not be worth it. Consider installing a good quality kitchen tap that can dispense both mains and filtered water separately. Try the Swedia Otto Stainless steel kitchen mixer with filtered water outlet that gives you mains water and purified water from the same mixer

Outdoor kitchen or dining area.

Outdoor kitchen

Nothing beats a good old barbecue. And what else would be grander than your very own grill from a repurposed  wine barrel? Now that's a great imagination for an out door fire pit.

Update your Outdoor Lights


No matter how great your outdoor design, fixtures and layout is. It'll never come to notice without proper, good quality lighting that fits your budget and style. Proper lighting also aids in safety as well as doubles as a warning to any potential intruders, which would also benefit you in the long run. Nowadays, LED lighting seems the only way to go as it's technology has developed to provide benefits to us, our budget and of course mother earth. Be sure to select lights that are suitable for the outdoors. Outdoor LED Lights are designed to withstand outdoor elements such as wind and temperature changes.

Increase your Outdoors' curb appeal.

curb appeal flyer by whoot

As what almost all design and renovating entities advise, improving your curb appeal with fixtures that say a lot about who you are, always provides aesthetic and functional benefits, that includes security and peace of mind. From upgrading your letter box, to changing your old house numbers, or even adding an outdoor key safe, spring's better weather is truly the best time to do these projects.

So the next time you think about what project to embark on this spring, have a good look at your outdoors. Remember, what people see outside may reflect who you are inside.

Happy Renovating