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Overlooked Storage Spaces

"A place for everything and everything in its place" We always seem to actually find a place for everything but often things don't end up to be in their place.

Storage apparently is the one thing we already had but always ask for - and why is that? Most households' storage spaces develop without a plan. Things get stashed where there's an empty spot, then things pile on top of it, and so on, until one day we've forgotten where we put any of it,  until the pile has grown big enough to cause problems of its own. We normally create such visible messes with our unplanned storage habits because we fail to consider the large, and largely empty, spaces that exist around the house.  There is actually a multitude of overlooked storage spaces that surround us, without us realising it.

The Attic

Empty Attic Apartment

A lot of folks have no idea of how much storage in in the attic. If you have a flat roof, chances are you don’t have an attic. But beneath most sloped roofs is a largely empty space that can serve as a brilliant storage solution. To use the attic, you will need convenient and safe attic access with an attic ladder. Unfinished attics are typically outside of the thermal envelope wrapping a house. That means they are going to reflect the temperature outside rather than inside, so you need to think carefully about what you store up there.

The Wall


Wall-hung bookcase units have been around for many years, but there has been an increasing trend toward hanging shelf and cabinet units for use in the kitchen, in closets, in home offices and media rooms. Aside from versatility, Wall-hung storage units are easy  to install and can easily replace a host of furniture pieces. One additional benefit is that they keep the floors clear.


Pull out trouser rack

Though you might believe that you've used all the drawers and pockets of your closet. Most closets, though certainly used for storage, are also full of empty spaces (such as that big gap between hanging pants and the shoes on the floor) or a big pile of . . . well, who actually knows what is in there? A closet makeover is often one the most effective storage improvement chore you can do. Adding a separate clothes rack for short items (like shirts) and long items (like dresses) and putting in racks for shoes and trousers are storage havens that are normally looked over. Filling you wardrobe's space is not much use unless you have easy access to you items - that is why pull out storage is so useful, you'll wonder how you ever did without it!


hidden_storage Pantries were once a standard feature of new houses, then they faded as modern house styles replaced traditional designs. But it's hard to keep a good idea down, and pantries are a very good idea. So that little slot between the fridge and the counter or that gap between the oven and the wall is a likely space for a pull-out pantry to house items within arms reach and out of the counter space.


Laundry room storage frequently consists of some detergent, bleach and fabric softener sitting on top of the washer or dryer. A well-organized space can function as both a better place to do the laundry, with room to fold and hang clothes, and a pantry of sorts for household goods that aren't going to be used in a meal.Laundry


We don't all have a basement. Some houses are built on slabs or crawl spaces, but those who have that big open space below are sitting on a storage gold mine. The biggest problem with many basements is moisture. Once that is dealt with, the next big issue is figuring out how to organize the basement for safe and efficient storage that also allows for all of the other activities that you want to use it for.


garage_organization_system_springfield_mo Built first and foremost to house vehicles. There are times, however, when it seems a little foolish to give over such a large, protected space to cars, which, after all, are built to withstand the elements at their harshest. But whether of not you wish to share your garage with the vehicles in your life, there are many ways to create terrific storage spaces that can simplify your life. With so much empty wall and ceiling space, the options are almost unlimited.

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