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Kitchen storage you can't live without

You will never know how your survived without it once you have installed the new range of ELITE Butler wall storage products for your packed pantry! Countless hours will be saved rummaging through draws and shelves when all your staple cooking utensils are hanging up systematically in front of you. The brand new ELITE Butler wall storage range aims to make use of what is otherwise left as blank wall space and promote efficiency and organisation! Get organised today and order yours from

Kitchen_Storage_organiseEasily attached by yourself to the wall, the Elite Butler wall storage units can be mounted in areas that are on display to create an industrial, modern, contemporary kitchen look or hidden behind the pantry wall along with all your kitchen chaos. Tea towels, aprons, whisks and spatulas all have their place, as do rolls of paper towel and spice shakers. It really is the perfect practical solution to todays ever increasing storage problem of cluttered kitchens! Multiple designs are available to allow you to remove clutter from your bench and make use of the otherwise bare and useless wall space.

Wall-Storage-RackThe Elite Butler Triple Roll Dispenser

The Elite Butler Triple Roll Dispenser is a genius invention that provides functionality and easy access to your paper towel, cling wrap and foil. Differentiating itself from other roll dispensers through strength and durability, the Elite Butler Triple Roll Dispenser is made from commercial grade hardened stainless steel that will provide life well beyond the 5 year warranty that the Renovator Store provides. Holding up to 10kgs in weight and providing easy cleaning access, the Elite Butler Triple Roll Dispenser is easy to install yourself and will guarantee to be a smart modern addition to your kitchen storage units.

The Elite Butler Kitchen Wall Storage Organiser Hooks

The Elite Butler Kitchen Wall Storage Organiser Hooks allows you to have all your utensils within easy reach when cooking and preparing food. Often selected to hang above your stovetop where space would otherwise be wasted, the Elite Butler Kitchen Hooks allow you to make the most of your precious kitchen space and de-clutter your draws to make food preparation easy and fun. Made from solid steel with matt silver powder coating, the Elite Butler Kitchen Hooks are the most durable and reliable on the market today. Available in set of 2 or 6 hooks, the Elite Butler Kitchen Hooks are designed on a rod system which enable flexibility and easy cleaning access.Wall-Storage-Kitchen-Pantry

The Elite Butler Spice Condiments


The Elite Butler Spice Condiments rack can be installed inside kitchen cupboards,  displayed on the wall above your stovetop or hidden inside your pantry walls. What ever the desired function, you can be sure that your spices, sauces and sprinkles will be stored sufficiently and within easy reach when it comes to cooking. Say goodbye to rummaging through cupboards and draws in search of the perfect spice. You will also be aware of when your supply is low with your condiments and spices in constant view. The Elite Butler Spice and Condiment rack is made from commercial grade steel to again provide years of life well beyond the 5 year warranty provided. The options for use are endless. Consider hanging one above your toaster area to store jams, spreads and butter knifes or one above your tea/coffee area to keep teabags, coffee pods and sugar sachets.

The Elite Butler Tea Towel Rack

Tea_towel_rack_storage_kitchen_butlerThe Elite Butler Tea Towel Rack operates with the same rod system that all Elite Butler products comprise meaning kitchen flexibility has never been so simple. Rods can be moved around between frames allowing for units to swap positions depending on practicality. At only 37mm deep, the Elite Butler Tea Towel Rack can be fixed to essentially any wall space and ease your challenge in finding the tea towel whenever dishes need to be dried. If chasing the minimalist look, fix your strong, durable, steel tea towel rack to the inside of a kitchen cupboard and never look at a dirty, damp tea towel again.


The ELITE Butler Series specialises in kitchen storage hardware. It provides functionality, organisation, class and style for today's modern kitchen. Organising your kitchen has never been so easy - and organisation is the secret to a workable cooking environment, a clear bench-top, and a minimalist kitchen exterior. The modern designs of the ELITE Butler kitchen storage hardware range maximise the utilisation of space and provides convenient flexibility with the use of a rod system in which allows units to be swapped and changed without disassembling the wall brackets. The ELITE range is made from quality stainless steel to ensure durability, strength and easy cleaning.  Get an organised kitchen - get an ELITE Kitchen!

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