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A perfect small pool for a perfect small yard

Many people dream about having a pool in their backyard. Still, there are two most common and most persistent problems about making this come true. First, building a pool can be a pricy endeavor and second, not everyone has enough room for a pool. To address the first issue, you can never put a price tag on a dream, as for the second one, when it comes to pools, size really doesn’t matter. The most important thing is not how much room you have, but what you do with it. With this in mind here are some of the best small pool ideas for your small backyard.

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Carefully chose the shape

When it comes to choosing the ideal shape of pool for your small yard, there is no singular perfect solution available. Different yards have different layouts, so when planning a pool, try to envision it in your yard, not just on a piece of paper. One thing is universal however: curvy pools leave you with more space for the deck. This is probably the most important reason why kidney shaped pools are so popular in the first place.

Paying attention to the deck

Having a pool is not just about being able to dip and swim, it is about the entire notion of relaxation in which a quality deck plays an important role. When in your yard, even if you have the most beautiful pool in the world, you are not going to spend an entire day swimming in it. A remarkable deck, with a couple of lounge chairs for you and your friends might be just the thing you need to finalize the idea of a perfect pool area. The best thing about the deck is the fact that you can build it yourself. All you need is an idea, some material, the right tools and of course, unwavering will and dedication. When building a pool and deck don't forget to think about drainage channels and outdoor lighting to create the right inviting mood for day and night.

Building a lap pool

If you have a narrow yard but with a decent length, building a lap pool might be just the right solution for you. This way, you will be able to perform one of the most rewarding, most demanding cardio trainings there are in your own backyard, whenever you feel the need for it. This notion alone is nearly impossible to top and definitely worth at least considering.

A Perfect small pool for a perfect small yard Brand by

The wave pool: a true space saver

When it comes to working with little space, a well-designed wave pool is second to none. When it comes to being able to exercise in it, just think about it this way: a treadmill is for running; a wave pool is for swimming. To make a wave pool, you need little to no space in your backyard. The greatest downside of this particular pool type is the fact that it is not so easy to make.

The issue of maintenance

As you can probably see by now, there are a great number of swimming pool designs based on many different aspects. Still, when it comes to the issue of maintenance, the material from which the pool is made plays by far the most important role. Basically, there are 3 types of pools: concrete, vinyl and fiberglass. The cheapest yet hardest to maintain is the concrete pool. Vinyl is easy to take care of but has to be replaced every several years while fiberglass is something that is easy to maintain.

A Perfect small pool for a perfect small yard Brand by Small pool ideas

A Perfect small pool for a perfect small yard Brand by

Sometimes all you can see is the initial price. However, sometimes paying less at the beginning means that you will have to pay significantly more in the future. When taking on a project like this, a project that you make only once in your lifetime there should be no shortcuts. Take all the time you need to plan it properly and do your homework. One more thing, never let the lack of room in your backyard discourage you!

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