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Pitfalls to be avoided when purchasing LED Lights

With all the hustle and about all these benefits of LED's lets focus on some key points to understand to avoid in order to fully appreciate and reap LED Lighting technology's benefits.

Led  light bulb

All LED Lights are "NOT" created equal.

Whilst most of the top manufacturers source from China (it’s ok!) there are huge variances in quality in the market. You get what you pay for. Whilst choosing a top end Rolls Royce manufacturer may give you more confindence initially, doing your research would prove to save you the frustration and a lot of money! Look for lights only that are certified to Australian standards (JAS-ANZ) and give a minimum 2 year/50,000 hours warranty .

Bargain Basements will bargain everything

In this day and age more and more people are realising the benefits of shopping online. The growing number of the online market has enticed more and more online shops to take advantage. Though variety gives better choices for the online consumer, be wary of "bargain basements" who are able to provide and sell LED downlights at prices next to nothing. Saving a few dollars over other online shops may seem tempting, but know that these bargain basements are able to do outrageously lower the price simply because, they, most often, do not even have these items as a continued stock int their basements! By the time you the need for replacements and support comes along, you might simply be stuck and be told that they don't hold your purchased item on stock anymore. If shopping online, be sure that you  purchase from a store that actually stocks the items and have had your eyed, LED Lights in stock. Look to see for warranties, customer support and money back guarantees. Not that you intend to be using them at all! Having these only assures you the the store is confident their product will last. Moreover, you could easily come back  for support or replacement when something wrong happens down the line. Go to stores like that have been around for at least a few years… we all want to know that if we do have problems down the track, our supplier will still be in business!

A half hearted changeover is risky

kit components

Most people do the ‘plug n play’ option of just changing the lightbulbs over. This may work for some of your lights, but will eventually give a flickering sensation with others. Most residents don't know that the new technology of LED lights are not compatible with much of the old technology transformers most people have in their ceilings. Do the job properly, buy new drivers (or complete kits) and the process will run a lot more smoothly.

Let the Experts do the job.


It may be true that almost all of us are not a stranger to DIY, however in the case of lighting, just leave it to the pro’s. 240V is not to be messed around with. Find an electrician. Be aware that there are unknown variables in a changeover – and whilst you may have no idea how to fix them, your supplier will simply take them in their stride with minimal fuss, the end result a seamless LED lighting makeover…

LED Lighting is definitely the way to go..... the benefits speak for themselves. Just make sure you install them properly and purchase them from a trusted source.

Happy renovating!

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