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Prevention Instead Of Renovation - Radio Controlled Shut Off Valves

Are you worried that your some of the water pipes in your home could fall victim to sudden burst? You can easily prevent this by installing a valve or tap system that would automatically cut off water supply in the event this occurs.

By installing this system, It will certainly go a long way to avoiding damage to your piping system, your house and will also prevent a colossal waste of water. Importance of these valves can be best explained by a plumber who has been called in for an emergency to shut off water gushing out from a damaged pipe or valve. (More info for DIY people)

However the onus lies on the home owners to have a basic understanding of their own plumbing system so that they can have a clear idea about the importance of these valves.

Why Radio Controlled Shut-off valves?

Radio controlled shut-off valve photo

While knowing the location of the shut-off valve is very important, equally important is to have a clear idea about the different types of valves that are used. In many homes it is becoming common to install radio-control shut-off valves which are considered a better option when compared to the manual shut-off valves.

Technology behind radio controlled valves ensures that one need not struggle to find out where the manual valve is located. Instead using this technology it is possible to auto shut off the water supply.

This is done with the help of very high powered sensors that are part of the entire piping system. Hence, whenever there is damage to the pipes and water starts leaking out, the sensors pick up the signals and pass it on to the main valve systems that are controlled through radio signals.

Once the signals are received the valves shut off automatically thus preventing further damage and water wastage.

Where To Place The Shut-off valves?

Though these radio controlled valves have the capacity to shut off water supply instantaneously it is very important to have a clear idea as to where to place the valves so that the best results can be obtained.

For example, when you are planning to secure the entire home or apartment, it is always better to place the meter where the municipal water connection enters the home or apartment. This way you not only are in a position to find out easily where the valves are situated but can shut off the water supply for the entire home or apartment.

Different Types of Shut-off valves

These automatic shut-off valves come in various sizes and models and are designed to perform specific functions. While you could choose valves that will stop water flow only to specific appliances of your home, you can also have valves that automatically shut off water for the entire home. There are also wired and wireless sensors options available too.

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