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Make your shoes last longer - Proper shoe storage and care.

"The devil wears prada" .... or does he? Almost all of us know an 'Imelda'. And even if we are not one, we are always wanting to buy more shoes for a wardrobe that has no space for anymore. Furthermore, are we storing them properly?

Make your shoes last longer - Proper shoe storage and care is essential  to make your shoes last longer. After all - shoes isn't one of your low cost items thus, making them last longer makes sense right?

Shoe storage is one of the biggest frustrations for men and women. An array of different kinds of shoe storage solutions have been made available.

Creating a work of art in a child's bedroom

Child photo

A clever rotating storage solution


and even pull - out shoe racks in wardrobes.

Pull out shoe rack

From prepping, wearing, cleaning and repairing, the way we care for our shoes plays a vital role in making them last longer.

Proper shoe storage is the most important factor that makes brand new shoes last longer. when choosing a shoe storage system consider these factors.

Temperature Check

Make sure shoes are dry and aired before you store them. Shoes should be stored on a cool, dry and dark place.


Aim to keep shoes in their original shape using shoe storage boxes, shoe racks or shelves. If you have the luxury of space to store your shoes in boxes, take pictures of them and post the pictures on the box for easy identification. Consider paper stuffing inside new shoes is so they keep their specific shape. When shoes fold, wrinkle or roll, the damage can be permanent, causing materials such as leather to bulge, form creases or tear. Paper works rather well if you're budget-conscious. Wooden and plastic foot trees or molds are also available and will keep shoes in a more exact shape preservation. If the shoes lie on one side, then you're once again in danger of ruining the shoe shape.


Aside from the previous, proper shoe storage should have easy access and a system. Getting quick access to your shoes and seeing the shoes you have helps maintain order in your wardrobe and closet system. Shoe storage devices such as a rotating rack, a pull-out shoe rack and a stacked shoe rack lets  see all shoes at once and get a pair without having to put out the rest.

2 thoughts on “Make your shoes last longer - Proper shoe storage and care.”
  • Sharon DeSailly
    Sharon DeSailly April 25, 2016 at 12:24 am

    Can you please email sizes and prices of pull out shoe baskets. Also is there a retail outlet or only online ordering? Cheers Sharon

    • Georgie Kourambas
      Georgie Kourambas May 14, 2016 at 2:17 am

      Hi Sharon- The specification of the pull out shoe baskets are listed below.

      Unit width (from side wall to side wall): Adjustable from 855mm to 985mm
      Frame depth: 455mm
      Frame height: 65mm
      Unit height (frame and basket): 250mm
      Mounting block height: 80mm 
      Load capacity: 15kg

      Along with out shoe baskets we also sell a range of pull out wardrobe baskets. Check <a href="" rel="nofollow">here</a> for our full range of storage solutions.

      And finally no, we only offer online ordering in order to cut our costs and make sure you get the lowest prices.

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