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Pulling Together the Essential Renovation Kit

Renovations can be tough, but they have the power to add value, appeal and functionality to our homes. A renovation is not something you can simply jump into. In order to avoid a disaster, you need to take your job seriously and make sure you're well equipped with the proper knowledge and equipment. When it comes to tools it can be tricky to decide what will, and will not actually be useful. To lend you a helping hand here is what you need to include in the essential renovation kit!

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Prep the Toolbox

The toolbox is a good place to start assembling the essential renovation kit. Make sure your toolkit has a large capacity and is also sturdy. You want the toolbox to be able to serve its purpose for a long time. Numerous compartments are useful as they help you in getting your tools organised. Also, it helps if the compartmental tray can be lifted out. Next, its time to make sure your toolbox contains all tools crucial to a successful renovation. It's a good idea to opt for multi-purpose tools that'll help you in many situations, and overall will be cheaper than purchasing many individual items.


What Tools Do I Need?

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  • A claw hammer is a versatile tool that's useful for both driving in nails, and levering them out.
  • An adjustable wrench is a must-have, as it can be made to fit differently-sized nuts and bolts.  
  • style="font-weight: 400;">Locking pliers are also essential as their jaws can be adjusted for gripping fixtures, pipes and nuts.
  • Combination pliers are perfect for holding, turning and pulling out nails.
  • Invest in a nail set to ensure you don't run out in times of dire need.


Something More Specific?

Beyond the basic items, don't worry about purchasing specifics until you're absolutely sure that you need them. For example, you've got no reason to buy flathead, cross-headed and electrical detection screwdrivers all at once. Instead gradually increase the quantity of equipment over time, by only purchasing when absolutely necessary. This will not only save you money and space but will also ensure that your tools are up to date and in good condition when you need them most.


Stay on the Safe Side

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Don't forget to think about yourself whilst renovating.

  • To prevent the inhalation of harmful and toxic substances whilst sawing and dusting make sure you have a dust mask
  • You definitely need safety goggles to protect your eyes from damage.
  • A pair of gloves should be utilised every time heavier tools and building materials are handled.
  • Finally, invest in a portable workbench you can use to display plans and keep your personal belongings whilst you're working.


Beyond the basics

In between the basics that absolutely everyone needs to include in the toolkits, and the highly specific tools you might use once or twice for a particular task there are numerous tools in which I think you should consider investigating into.

  • A cable, stud and pipe detector is a great acquisition which makes finding object behind walls and other surfaces nice and easy.
  • With a versatile and mobile scissor liftyou will be able to operate in rough terrain, tight worksites, and tackle demanding outdoor jobs.
  • A step stool is always handy, serving as a solid access platform. 


Tools of the trade

Every household deserves a good toolkit, composed of quality items that last a lifetime. Of course, specific tools depend on your plans, capabilities and financial means. Maybe you need a minimalistic toolbox, or the whole pantry full of supplies and utensils. With that in mind, everybody should try there hardest when renovating so you can make the most of your living space. Renovation enables people to live more comfortably, rent or sell the home for a higher price, or add a visual bliss to the space. So feel free to open your mind to fresh ideas, new design concepts and stunning architectural innovations.   

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