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Quick Fix: Increasing Kitchen Storage

Do you struggle to fit everything into kitchen cupboards and pantries? Do you just wish you had more space? Don't stress. Simply invest in some budget friendly kitchen storage hardware and you'll be increasing kitchen storage in no time.

Pantry problems? 

Have you been unjustly cursed with a tiny pantry? You can save space with either a pull-out or open-out pantry.

Open-Out Pantry Storage Units

Pull-Out Pantry Organiser Units















The pull out pantry (depicted right) is the latest design in modern kitchens. Essentially you find a cupboard already present in your kitchen, and remove all fixed shelving. Then install the heavy duty runner unit which mounts to the bottom of the cupboard. This allows the stainless steel framework to easily glide in and out of the cupboard space, making accessing materials incredibly convenient and accessible. Within the frame are a multitude of baskets to store food, maximising space.

The open out pantry works (depicted left) in similar fashion to the regular cupboard pantry -- but with a space maximising twist. Instead of regular shelving we again see stainless steel baskets. To fit even more into the space baskets are fixed not only within the cupboard space, but also to the door.


No space for pots and pans?

Try a Magic Corner. Yes, it sounds cheesy but it really is THAT good. In summary its a unit for 'blind corner storage' which allows you to use and maximise the space under the kitchen bench you wouldn't normally be able to access. Essentially it just unveils heaps more space that you never knew you had.


Struggle to squish everything into drawers?

Kitchen Drawer Organisers


Two words: draw organiser. Stupid simple and cheap as chips. Try this plastic one which is easily trimmed to fit your drawer.

Kitchen Drawer Organisers

If your looking for something a little more sturdy try a stainless steel organiser (depicted right). Clean, compact and stylish its a functional unit that you really shouldn't be missing out on.

No more cupboard space anywhere?

Kitchen Wall Storage - Spice Condiments Rack

Time to try the walls! No place for those pesky condiment bottles? A spice condiment rack not only saves valuable drawer space, but it also makes everything incredibly easy to access when cooking. This one can easily be removed and installed as you please for easy manipulation of your storage set up.

Kitchen Wall Storage - Triple Roll Dispenser

Do you have a drawer somewhere filled with rolls of baking paper, paper towels, aluminium foil and glad wrap? This roll dispenser is actually the saviour of all your problems. Free up so much space and in return receive so much convenience!

Chef Kitchen Wall Storage Organiser Rack - Chef Series - 900mm


Finally, a Wall Storage Organiser rack can be used to keep your most commonly used cooking utensils and ingredients. It helps you save valuable bench space, and is still easily accessible. It has a small rack for ingredient storage, storage cups, knife slots, hooks, and drying bar: it's actually surprising how much you can store.

See the complete kitchen wall storage here!

We hope this hardware will help you increase kitchen storage without having to sacrifice loads of cash or convenience!

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